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Fatal Crashes

This is Part.1 of Fatal car crashes video. Incredible accidents and shocking photos.

Fatal Car Crashes Part.1

Tags: cars, crashes, car videos, car accidents

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Car Crash

The Padang Pasir Car Crash video presents exactly how this happened. When I look at the video, I feel that I’m in the car and that I am living the accident. And the higher speed makes an accident much bigger.

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Rally Car Crash

How would you feel to be in the seat of an insane Rally Car Crash? I don’t think that you would feel so good.

Rally Car Crash

Tags: cars, car race, rally, crash, car accidents, car videos

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Crash test

Volvo versus Renault in an impressive crash test!
Which one will be better after the crash test?

Would a small modern car survive an impact from older heavier car?

This is really more of a test of old technology versus new technology. If you take two modern cars and repeat this test, I would expect that the larger car would win. Everything else being equal, bigger will still be safer. But driving an OLD car is dangerous.

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Viper Crash

This is an accident with a Viper, and the person in the car is absolutely perfect!
Can you imagine that?

Viper Crash

Tags: cars, car accidents, Viper, crash, car videos

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Cars Forever!

I want to present you a beautiful collection for you to enjoy at the end of the week. This a great collection with photos that present amazing situation where a car could be. So, you better take care and learn from others! 🙂

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