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Ferrari for Sultan of Brunei

What you can see is a picture of a Ferrari made for the Sultan of Brunei. But I really think that this car looks like a combination between Lamborghini Diablo VT, Nissan 300z and Saturn SC2. Do you think the same?

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Ferrari’s 60 years movie

After I’ve presented you a short story about Ferrari’s celebration because of its 60 years of full success, I’ve thought I must present you the most interesting movie I’ve ever seen. It is about the successful connection between Ferrari and Shell. Enjoy it!

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Ferrari Mythos

Althoug Ferrari Mythos is a concept of Ferrari since 1989 I still think that it is a “good looking” car! Mythos was presented for the first time in Tokyo and it was designed after Ferrari Testarossa. The car was never in production and only few models were built and from these, two belong to Sultan of Brunei.

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Ferrai 60 years and still young

Happy Birthday, Ferrari!

60 years of fame… 60 years of novelty… 60 years of winnings… 60 years of amazing design….This is Ferrari! So, Happy Birthday, Ferrari for giving us 60 years of wonderful cars! For this 60th birthday, Ferrari had a big party on five continents. This great party was as an Olympic torch tourney and was made to show in the entire world Ferraris from the past six decades.
612-scagliettis.jpg 1952-ferrari-f1.jpg 1957-ferrari.jpg 1958-f1-world-championship.jpg 1965-ferrari.jpg 1967-ferrari.jpg 1968-ferrari-daytona.jpg 1975-f1-world-championship.jpg 1977-f1-world-championship.jpg f1-world-championships.jpg ferrari-125s.jpg ferrari-126-ck.jpg ferrari-156.jpg ferrari-166-barchetta.jpg ferrari-246-dino.jpg ferrari-250-gt-california.jpg ferrari-250-gto.jpg ferrari-250-gtos.jpg ferrari-250gt.jpg ferrari-250gt-california.jpg ferrari-250gt2.jpg ferrari-275-gtb.jpg ferrari-288-gto.jpg ferrari-308gtb.jpg ferrari-312p.jpg ferrari-312p2.jpg ferrari-312t.jpg ferrari-330-p4.jpg ferrari-365-gtb4.jpg ferrari-375.jpg ferrari-400-superamerica.jpg ferrari-456gt.jpg ferrari-500-f2-car.jpg ferrari-612-scaglietti.jpg ferrari-612-scaglietti2.jpg ferrari-daytona.jpg ferrari-enzo.jpg ferrari-f1-cars.jpg ferrari-f40.jpg ferrari-f40-poster.jpg ferrari-f50.jpg ferrari-f50-poster.jpg ferrari-f355-poster.jpg ferrari-f430.jpg ferrari-f4302.jpg
The most interesting thing is that in UK, the celebration culminates with the Ferrari Racing Days at Silverstone racing circuit, which featured the UK round of the Challenge Trophy Pirelli. This featured 60 identical F430 Challenge racing cars in close and furious racing. This is great, isn’t it? From now on, we only wait to see what interesting models Ferrari will show us…and one more time, Happy Birthday Ferrari and many more years ahead!
ferrari-f2004.jpg ferrari-fxx-poster.jpgferrari-testarossa.jpg ferraris-125s-and-612-scaglietti.jpg ferraris-in-berlin.jpg ferraris-in-cannes.jpg ferraris-in-dubai.jpg ferraris-in-japan.jpg ferraris-in-montreal.jpg ferraris-in-neims.jpg ferraris-in-reims.jpg ferraris-in-spain.jpg ferraris-on-a-mountain-pass.jpg police-liveried-ferrari.jpg tourist-trophy-victories.jpg

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