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ACS3 3.5 Cabrio by AC Schnitzer

The new tuning package ACS3 realized by AC Schnitzer for the BMW 3 Series, in the cabrio variant, includes the following elements:
~ aerodynamic kit made by front spoiler, lateral doorsteps and back spoiler;
~ AC Schnitzer silver rims, “Type IV” or “Type IV BiColor”;
~ AC Schnitzer evacuation with two chrome exhaust pipes with “Racing” terminations;
~ “performance kit” – is still in tests for the 335i engine (they didn’t announced yet the power rises); it is available for the 330d engine, under the name “Power-Plus pack”, which rise the power from 231 to 265 hp;
~ suspension with “Racing” technology, which is also in tests.
ACS3 3.5 Cabrio by AC Schnitzer

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BMW M3 Concept Car

The car is based on the BMW 3 series coupe and is a race car for the road.
BMW M3 Concept Car
This high performance car has all body panels specially desing to combine racing atributes with a great driving on the normal roads and to respect the 20 years tradition of the M’s.The car has 19 inch light alloy wheels to put all the horse power that the BMW’s V8 developes on the road and a hight performance brake system to stop the car in any conditions at any speed.Even the exterior mirrors are specially designed to make the car more stable at high speeds.
BMW M3 Concept Car
bmw_m3_concept_3.jpg bmw_m3_concept_2.jpg bmw_m3_concept_5.jpg
BMW M3 Concept Car
The BMW M3 Concept Car is the ultimate driving that will guide us to the future of race cars.
BMW M3 Concept Car

Tags: coupe, race, road, performance, speeds, Concept

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BRABUS PowerXtra D6 BLUE Power Kit

The Brabus Company started to promote their new BRABUS PowerXtra D6 BLUE Power Kit that it is suitable for Mercedes E300 Bluetec and it can supply a power of 47 hp (35 kW). Not too bad, isn’t so?
The Mercedes E 300 BLUETEC with Brabus tuning stayed below permissible exhaust limits of EURO V by up to 65%.
The Brabus development team had made a special module for the electronic engine management system for Mercedes E300 Bluetec. BRABUS mapping is specifically calibrated to the environmentally friendly Bluetec concept that features an oxidation catalyst, particulate filter and Bluetec SCR catalyst.
If you are interested, you can buy this product for €1,790.

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Mercedes-Benz SLK by Rieger

Mercedes-Benz SLK continues in the legacy of smaller luxurious sport convertibles that started in 1954 with the model 190 SL (W121). I think you know this SL and it was very successful. Why not, it has not only unique design, but also handling far better then other cars in that age. 14.5 seconds to 100kmph was something unbelievable in that time for any car.
Rieger started with a front bumper. It’s connected with a front mask. Front maskTo change the whole look; Rieger changed the front hood too. Also the front mask isn’t divided to two parts, but it belongs to the front bumper.
Rieger offers more rims to choose. There are mostly chromed ones. Right these are great match for luxurious Mercedes cars.

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Nitrous Oxide Tuning

Before I start talking about “NOS” I must say few things: first of all, azoth oxide is not a fuel (you will see later); secondly- NOS. is not used correctly, because NOS is a name of a company. The correct term is “Nitrous Oxide”.

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News from Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors announced, last week that they will have another delay in delivering its all-electric sport car. They’ve made a letter to customers and the CEO, Michael Marks said that Tesla Roadster (I’ve presented you in a previous article) will now come in 2008. In the beginning they’ve announced that Tesla Roadster will be on the market this summer, and then they’ve said it will come this fall, and now…
I believe in electric car’s future and I really think that they will be a big success, although not many people afford a $100,000 electric sports car.

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