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DAMD modifyed the Infiniti G35 Coupe

The most popular coupe in Jpapan has come in the hands of the DAMD tunner and now this coupe is one of the most beautifull in the world thanks to BlackXMetal package.Only high quality materials were used by DAMD to make the changes atrractive to every customer who know and see the differnce.A new front bumper fascia and grill, a rear bumper lower valance, CIBE fog lamps (with relay switch harness set) and for those interested, DAMD and BlackXMetal emblems are now available for the Infiniti and the wheels are 19 inch Forged by DAMD.
Infiniti G35 Coupe DAMD
infiniti_3.jpg infiniti_2.jpg infiniti_4.jpg infiniti_1.jpg
Infiniti G35 Coupe DAMD
The sound made by the sport exhaust is at impresive at the car looks.The total cost of this project BlackXMetal is 481.740 Yen and the rims 134.400 Yen.

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BMW 335i Vs. Infiniti G37

Today is big names comparison, too. And I’m referring at the 2007 BMW 335i and at the 2008 Infiniti G37 Sport.
Anyone who buys such a car I bet he wants it only for the speed and good looking. Or, these are the first things that they come in his head.
Watch the video and you will find out more about these two sport cars.

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2013 Audi R8

Images and all access videos of the facelifted 2013 Audi R8  have been finally made public. A new range topping V10 Plus model, that will be available only as a coupe, has been introduced. There will also be some minimal updated to the exterior that include modified front fascia featuring a new front bumper and single-frame grille. LED headlights will now come standard on all models.

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2010, Lexus LF-A

Lexus tested the newest super car at the famed Nurburgring. The 2010 Lexus LF-A was being developed as a rival for Ferrari F430 and for other high strung sport cars. So, watch out, because Lexus LF-A which will be on the market in 2010, offers an amazing competition.
The car is about the same size as Ferrari F430 and is with two inches smaller than the Porsche 911, but it has about nine extra inches of wheelbase. Lexus LF-A was presented at Detroit auto show, in 2006 and it seems that will be a real success, although Lexus is running V8’s now, instead of V10’s. There is news mongering saying that the 500 plus hp V10 might instead be a twin turbo V8, based on the LS’ 5.0 liter engine. But, Lexus LF-A needs at least 600 hp and a top speed of about 200 mph to play in the ultra sport field. Don’t you think the same?
2010-lexus-lf-a-2.jpg 2010-lexus-lf-a-3.jpg 2010-lexus-lf-a-4.jpg 2010-lexus-lf-a-5.jpg 2010-lexus-lf-a-6.jpg 2010-lexus-lf-a-7.jpg

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Predator Xtreme or What?

That closes look at this car will, because you’ll probably not see something very soon! Named Predator Xtreme, it divides amazing creative design elements from several cars: Enzo front type, and seats in the headlights like Lamborghini, the arrangement of seats as McLaren F1 and even stop lights from the Infiniti G35. Besides the final result is horrible, quality of construction is not as good as you can see in the pictures below.

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2010 Chevy Volt

GM has presented its intention to offer the Chevrolet Volt electric vehicle, by presenting it. This electric car will be on market since 2010. Chevrolet Volt will be offered with a T-shaped lithium-ion battery pack that after few hours will be able to run 40 miles without any other charge. This car fuel will not cost that much (at least GM said that) and to turn it on will be offered a small gasoline engine to generate enough electricity to drive it on a long journey.
The car will go from 0 to 100 km/h in about 9 seconds. The battery pack is where the “transmission tunnel” would be in a conventional rear-wheel- drive car, meaning that the batteries don’t take up cargo space as they do in many hybrid cars. Although it has a rounded front, the back end of the car has a sharp, angular shape. In the rear, where air flows together as it trails off from the vehicle, sharp angles help smooth air flow.

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