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Dodge SRT-10 8.3 (cabriolet 2-dr manual)

This car is amazing! It surely looks greater than the Dodge Viper. SRT10 is an absolutely massive two-seater with one great engine- an 8.3 litre V10, producing 500 bhp. You can get from 0 to 62 mph in just 3.9 seconds. What do you have to say about that?

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Smart Diablo vs. Ferrari

I bet you don’t know who wins! Well, you must see this video. But, for your information this is not a simple Smart… it has an modified Suzuki GSXR1000 Engine!

Smart Diablo has an faster acceleration

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Vrimz The Auto Enthusiasts Comunity

I’ve found a new site where you can change rims virtual on internet. All you must do is to make a profile and upload some photos with your car and your rims. You have informations about how to make a rims exchange. Also this site have a forum where you can talk with other people about cars, rims, tuning parts with other people. Any user can upload photos for free.

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Westfield XTR4 1.8 T (195BHP) (cabriolet 0-dr manual)

XTR2 is for many people a great car, but the concentration required to get the best from this car. So there it is Westfield XTR4. This car is similar with XTR2 in many ways, but the Suzuki engine has been changed with an Audi 1.8 litre turbo engine from TT and it’s producing 195 bhp.

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Vauxhall Tigra 1.8i 16v Sport (a/c) Moroccana (cabriolet 2-dr manual)

Vauxhall Tigra is a great rival for Peugeot 206 CC. Tigra comes as a 2 seater only, giving a enormous benefit of looks and luggage space.

Car specifications:
Engine: 1.8 L in line4
Cc: 1,796
Maximum power kW: 92
Maximum power hp/PS: 125
Maximum torque Nm: 165
Transmission type: manual
Number of speeds: 5

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Audi A7

Michael Dick, Audi’s Product Development Chief anounced that Audi will produce a four door coupe car.
Audi A7
audi_3.jpg audi_1.jpg audi_2.jpg
Audi A7
The direct rival of the A7 is the Mercedes Benz CLS.The A7 will likely bite the Mercedes’ CLS styling and sportivity.Complete with LED lighting and a pillar-less greenhouse and with a 3.2 liter petrol engine but also a TDI engine will be available and the version of the Quattro system that has the ability to send up to 100-percent of the power to the rear wheels will equipe the coupe.A cabriolet is expected, the A 7 cabriolet.
Audi A7

Tags: Audi, sportivity, CLS, rear, wheels, coupe, car

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