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How to Make your Car Invisible to Traffic Cameras

I decided to make a new category and this is tuning tips.

The first thing I will teach is you, is how you can make your car invisible to traffic cameras.

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Spend Money on Number Plate

I bet that reading the title you are wonders about what kind of sum I’m referring of? Well, I will ask you a simple question: How much do you think it is possible to pay to have personalized number plate?
I’m sure that your answer will be somewhere between $100 and $1,000. I don’t think that many of you afford to spend lot money on some number plate.
Well, what I’m about to tell you might be something from the “stories”, but a business man from UK has spend $985,800 including taxes for a personalized number plate.
Hmmm, very interesting. But what was the number plate?
A letter and a number, the sought after “F1″ plate.

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871,000 U.S. dollars to show “F1”

Kahn Design will use the most expensive of world number one model on the Mercedes SLR McLaren.
The highest amount paid for a plate of registration amounted to 871,000 dollars. It is the license for a car with the number “F1“.
The buyer of this number put on sale at a price record company is known for tuning Kahn Design.
Afzal Kahn, the owner of the house tuning, showed extremely enthusiasm of its acquisition: “I know that we should have one. We spent years in a row waiting for this acquisition. I’m not coming to believe, even now it is mine. Now I am really, is wonderful to have the car perfect and ideal number.
Kahn also said that the registration plate number F1 will be used on a model Mercedes SLR McLaren.

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Kid police chase

This kid steal a SUV and go on a rampage. And with a 50 gallons of gas, the kids succeed to keep the police away for a long, long time. And after they catch his car, he runs away, but not so far. The police catch him in the front of a Mall. I think the kid is going to be a good rally driver, if the police will ever let him to take his driver license.

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BMW a live legend – Part 1

BMW a live legend!

The beginning of BMW was the beautiful morning of July 9th, 1929 when BMW announced on an entire newspaper page that is going to be a car producer. They presented a small car, named 3/15 PS in the centre of Berlin. People called the car Dixi and so the first BMW car became history!

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Honda S2000 CR

Honda S2000 CR
Alltought this is just a concept it looks really nice and woth this new body kit shaped to be as light and sporty as possible.”The S2000 CR is the closest thing you can get to a Honda-built racecar with license plate holders and a horn,” said John Mendel, executive vice president of American Honda Motor Co., Inc. “Its features and equipment are designed to appeal to weekend club racing enthusiasts.”
Honda S2000 CR
honda_4.jpg honda_3.jpg
Honda S2000 CR
This S2000 will be powered by a 2.2 liter petrol engine which will produce around 237 BHP.Honda started the project from the idea of weight reduction and as a result the car has a aluminum soft top, carbon fiber doors and hood and light weight alloy wheels.
Honda S2000 CR

Tags: alltought, concept, looks, aluminum, soft, top, doors, hood, weight, wheels, car, weekend, club, racing

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