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Koenigsegg CCX

Koenigsegg is a well know name, which produce only super sport cars for a select elite of enthusiasts. The Koenigsegg CCX is succeeding the 806 hp CCR, which held the Guiness World Record for the most powerful streetcar, and that means a great thing. These 2 models are made to excel on the road, or even on racetrack and are also highly comfortable for long distance traveling.

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Koenigsegg CCX returns

Koenigsegg CCX it is an amazing car! And this video proove that I’m right! I’m waiting for remarks!

Koenigsegg CCX returns

Koenigsegg CCX returns

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Koenigsegg CCX all new in 2007

Everything is new abaout this car, the desing, the engine, the interior and f course the performance.
Koenigsegg CCX 2007
The new instrument cluster is 3d and it displays the RPM’s, speed, oil temperature, water temperature, gear ratio and velocity.
Koenigsegg CCX 2007
Koenigsegg CCX 2007
A lot of expensive but usefull options are standard in the new Koenigsegg such as traction control that works extremly well on dry, wet or snow covered surface.An I-POD is integrated to speed up the car entretainment but also to control all of the cars electronic functions.
Koenigsegg CCX 2007
For weight saving the car has aluminum doors and aluminum engine block.The car will overtake 252mph thanks to its performant engine and running gear.
Koenigsegg CCX 2007

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Top 10 of 2006 MPH supercars

Caparo T1

The Caparo machine vreaks the supercar mould at it’s 500 Kg, but it’s half the weight of an usual 200 mph machine. This car design was made by 2 ex designers from McLaren. Caparo has an amazing power, near to a F1 car and it’s accelerates to 60 mph in just 2.5 seconds.

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Volkswagen Concept A

Volkswagen Concept A was presented at 2006 Geneva Motor Show and is expected as a final product this year. Volkswagen Concept A seems to be like the Hyundai HCD-9 Talus Concept shown at January’s Detroit Show (in 2006). The different thing is that VW will put a vehicle similar to the Concept A into production within the next few years.

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MILA Alpin Concept

Austrian company Magna Steyr will present a concept in Geneva called MILA Alpine, with an angle of attack of 45 degrees.
Until today, the name Magna Steyr was known mainly because under this title plant produces several models in the world universally recognized as a BMW X3, Jeep Grand Cherokee and Chrysler 300C. Nevertheless, the company Magna Steyr is not an unknown chapter in automotive design and construction, 2005 was the year in which the Austrians have officially started with a concept called the Concept MILA.

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