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Fiat 500 Abarth tests

At Nurburgring, Fiat is testing all waited 500 Abarth. Sport version of the model will be a real success.

fiat-500-abarth6.jpg fiat-500-abarth.jpg fiat-500-abarth2.jpg

The smaller engine will be of 1.4 liters and 120 hp, but the Italians already promised a propeller at 150 hp and one at 180 hp.
fiat-500-abarth4.jpg fiat-500-abarth5.jpg fiat-500-abarth3.jpg

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Fiat 500- 2008 Car in Europe

The result isn’t official, but the Italian constructor is preparing to celebrate this award.
Some Italian sites announce that Fiat 500 obtained the title “2008 Car in Europe”. Although nothing was official, Italians seems to know that the small 500 is the winner.
The advantages of Fiat 500 is its design, but also ergonomic and with improved technology and safety (although it is a small car it received 5 stars on EuroNCAP tests).
Fiat was also with Bravo at this competition, another design success.

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Fiat Minicar low cost

Fiat 500 wasn’t the only surprise prepared for the Italians. What will follow will be a very interesting for everybody! After the success with the new 500, Fiat intends to come as soon as possible with a minicar on the market. This time, Italians want to be rivals with the minicar low-cost models from Toyota and Renault.

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The new Fiat 500

The new Fiat 500
The new 500 its the a small class vehicle , a two door and four seats car, with an excelent look and great fuel economy engines according to Fiat.Fiat unveiled the little cheeky hatch and it will put it on sale from July 4.
The new Fiat 500
fiat_4.jpg fiat_2.jpg
The new Fiat 500
Two petrol engines are available for this car: 69 bhp 1.2 8v and the 100 bhp 1.4 16v but the surprisse comes with the new 1.3 16v Multijet turbodiesel and 75 BHP that has a great fuel economy.The 500 history begun in 1954 on July 4 in a town called Turin where Fiat presented the first 500 model and now, 50 years later the “legend” continues.
The new Fiat 500
fiat_5.jpg fiat_1.jpg
The new Fiat 500

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It is official! Fiat 500 is The Winner

The Italian press had good sources when they have announced few days ago that Fiat 500 is 2008 European Car. And now it is official, because Fiat 500 beat Mazda2 in the final and now it is The Car of the Year in Europe.
The small 500 is the winner with 385 points, 34 from 58 members of the jury giving it the maximum points.

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Bertone Fiat Concept

Bertone and Fiat presented at the Geneva Motor Show a new concept car. The unnamed project is made to resemble the 1947 FIAT 500, the one Nuccio Bertone used to drive on weekends. The concept sports car will commemorate 95 years since the company was founded. Quite a looker if you ask me.

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