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Volkswagen Eos open-up

Nice video presenting Volkswagen Eos open-up. It is a short video that presents advance technology used by Eos and its great functionality. I’m impressed about the lady in the car… she’s so obedient! 🙂 Don’t you think that, too?

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Lexus prize for Wii tennis

A lot of you hear about Nintendo Wii, but have you ever heard about Lexus Wii? Well, you will find out more from this article.
Lexus is part of Andy Roddick’s team for U.S. Open Promo. That’s why is going to host a “Virtual Tennis Open” using the Nintendo Wii.
It is not a “real tourney”, it is a charity one, but the top winning prize is 1 year lease on a Lexus IS-F for the winner to keep and drive as much as he/she can! Great prize, isn’t it?
As Andy Roddick’s wish, the tourney will be in New York at Rockefeller Center, in September, this year and the money earned after this tourney will be for Andy Roddick Foundation.
Andy Roddick Foundation is made for neglected, abused and sick children.

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The future of wheels

Michelin continues to make revolutionary techniques in tyres technologies. And this time is a tyre without air, a great invention called “The Tweel“. The Tweel consist of a composite reinforce track band, connected to a flexible wheel, by a rectangle polyurethane spooks.

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Mercedes with BMW engines

Everybody knows that BMW is producing the most powerful and performing engines from the entire world, and to salute this performance, the concurrent mark director, Dieter Zetsche declared that the Mercedes mark is open to a eventual collaboration with the Bavarians from the BMW. Zesche declared that Mercedes could collaborate with BMW if they will get to consent, financially speaking, and if they will build a viable strategy for both marks. In an interview realized by Der Spiegel, Zetsche told that the same collaboration is happening between Porsche and Volkswagen. The model named is the successful SUV, Cayenne, which is building starting from the VW Touareg and it is using engines produced by Volkswagen.
According to a report, Daimler is in some discussion with big car marks, but for now there is no final decision.

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Disappearing Car Door

Automobiles, today still use the same principles as demonstrated by the 1897 Benz coupe: two hinges on the leading edge, one for opening and integrated with the body structure.

1897 Benz coupe

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Exotic cars vs. Old Cars

Great pictures which makes the difference between old and exotic cars!

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