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The Toyota Prius Hybrid 2009

Another week’s here, another published set of teaser images of Toyota’s best kept secret, the Prius Hybrid. The japanese auto manufacturer released new pictures with the car’s headlights, the illuminated Toyota logo and what seems to be a door handle. The third generation Prius, will make it’s entry on the market at the 2009 North American International Auto Show, next month in Detroit. As we know by now, the car is goint to be a little larger than the outgoing model and it will have a more powerful, yet more fuel efficient and tightly packaged hybrid drivetrain system.

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Aqua/Prius C Launched In Japan

The Aqua hatchback, known as the Prius C in international markets has recently been launched by Toyota in Japan.

Amazingly, the model has a fuel efficiency of 35.4 km/L (83.3 mpg US; 2.8L/ 100km). A combined motor and engine output of 100 PS (98 bhp / 73 kW), Aqua has a 1.5-litre Toyota Hybrid System II (THS II). Another characteristic of this model is a cooled Exhaust-Gas Recirculation system and a battery powered water pump. The water pump, unlike other traditional designs, reduces friction on the engine and allows precise control of coolant flow.

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Toyota Prius self parking

Using the latest Hybrid Synergy Drive, the clean and green Toyota Prius is perhaps a little too clever. Now it is great to use the self parking system, everywhere. This “system” should be use on all models, because we all know how hard is for some people to park in the right place and in the right position.

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News About The New Toyota Prius C

It is known that the unveiling of the new Toyota Prius C took place in July at the Australian Motor Show. A few days ago, images of the vehicle in production were spotted in a Japanese magazine. The new compact MPV style Prius, rumoured to be called Aqua seems to be both the smallest and the cheaper member of the Priius family, model that is due to be officially launched next year, in 2012. There are obviously some characteristics that are going to make this model special. For instance, a more rounded front end with a curvy front bumper, vertical corner spotlight clusters and an all-new headlight design. The production model also loses a lot of the angular, sporty and futuristic style of the concept and also appears skinnier than the original concept version revealed. But if we want certainty, we will have to be patient and wait for the official launch.

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Toyota Prius- trendy ecologist

This year, Toyota Prius first series hybrid, celebrates its 10 anniversary. Started in 1994, Prius project wanted to be the most ecologically engine. So, they have succeeded to reduce the consumption, only with an electrical engine. Although they didn’t succeeded from the beginning, in 1997 they’ve started the series production, and Prius become a real success.

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2010 Nissan future in hybrid car

Nissan and Toyota are two of the biggest names on Asian cars market and they have signed a deal in 2002 where they accepted that Toyota would sell its hybrid system to Nissan.
Nissan has 44% of Renault SA (France) and wants a power train with twins- an electric motor with a gasoline engine, to save fuel.
The Chief Executive of Nissan prefer to make hybrids, although it makes small money and have a high retail price.

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