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2 Fast 2 Real

Great video presenting 2 Fast 2 Real cars, races and engines. And the message is amazing: Smoke tires not drugs!

2 Fast 2 Real is representing the New York Street Racing and the name speaks for itself. I’m amazed about what is happening on public streets, don’t you think?

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Real Cars Controlled by remote

How fun is to play with RC cars ? How much more fun would it be to control real cars ? Big and powerfull, fullsize cars ? Watch this video and prepare to have a laugh.

Tags: car video, remote control cars, cars, rc cars

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NFS In Real Life

Some courageous drivers decided to play NFS in real lives, as well. Some streets in Japan were invaded by them and their powerful cars. Even if the idea can definitely be considered original, it is also extremely dangerous.

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Incredible Car Stunts

If it is real it is amazing, but i don’t think it’s real! It’s hard to believe, to “good” to be truth!

Incredible Car Stunts

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Stars and their cars: David Beckham

A story about David Beckham’s cars…

As we very well know, David Beckham is the England and Real Madrid star, but not of you knows that he is also a prodigious car collector. David Beckham owns a big variety of cars and he changes them frequently. The press wrote that David has so many cars that permitted to turn a car offer down, and not a usual car… a Ferrari one!

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Small drifters

What can impress you more than some small cars that looks exactly like real cars?
These beautiful models are operated with remote control.

Remote Control Drifters

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