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Lucky accidents

I know that lucky is strange near accidents, but believe me… these guys are very lucky!!!

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Car accidents in Turkey

In this video you can see 2 accidents in Turkey. Awful accidents can happen as quickly as you can’t imagine!

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I know that everywhere you can read about car accidents and how you can avoid them, but seeing these pictures makes me think twice before I start pressing the acceleration pedal and the most important thing is to wear the seat belt. The seat belt can save your life.
The pictures may be a little bit shocking, but only seeing these cases makes you think better when you are driving.

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Unlucky race accidents

An impressive video presenting unlucky race accidents.

Unlucky race accidents

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Why accidents?

Pay attention to that, because is the most popular reason of automobile failures in the world!! Look at the video until the end, and you will see what is the most frequent reason of road accidents!

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What happen when you’re knocked by the train?

Although we all are tented to say that young people don’t know how to drive and that they surely will have many accident, statistics prove we’re wrong! It seems that old people have more accidents, by not paying attention on signal signs or signposts.
That’s why Top Gear presents exactly what’s happening with a car knocked by a train.

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