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Mercedes S600 Pullman Limousine

Mercedes-Benz presented the new limousine based on the extended chasis of S series, named S600 Pullman. The name “Pullman” comes from the luxury rail cars produced by the American Pulman Palace Car Company. The first time Mercedes used this name, was in 1928 when the W08/460 Nurburg model was modified to be the first Popemobile, beeing obviously bulletproof.
The new “Pullman” has an 5513cc 12 cylinder biturbo engine which outpus 517 Hp and a peak torque of 830 Nm.
Mercedes S600 Pullman Limousine
mercedes_s600_pullman.jpg mercedes_s600_pullman_2.jpg
Mercedes S600 Pullman Limousine
The first models of the new Mercedes Benz S600 Limousine will be delivered in late 2008 and they will probably be some of the most secure vehicles in the world. The Pullman Limousine has been tested to a B6/B7 resistance level and that means it can resist hand grenades fragments and it complies with the military projectile resistance. It includes a self-sealing fuel tank, a fire-extinguishing system and of course run-flat tires. Nothing about the price of the car, though.

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Mercedes Benz S600

This is the presentation of Mercedes Benz S600 made by Top Gear. This is a good car that has lasted for ages, it has a very good opening and it is a good car to review. It is a very interesting presentation. Do you like this video?

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Mercedes-Benz tuning

kd-box_4.jpg kd-box_2.jpg kd-box.jpg

Kleemann KD-Box

KD-Box is a new tuning solution from Kleemann. This is a great solution for diesel engines from Mercedes-Benz and it can be mounted very easy at the same time with ECU, offering a better torque, with 25% and also an improved acceleration. You can find many other interesting things on
mercedes-e55-k3-kd-box.jpg mercedes-sl50k-s8-kd-box.jpg mercedes-c-class-kd-box.jpg

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730 hp Mercedes SL from Brabus

Brabus prepared the last facelift version of Mercedes SL. Brabus wanted to impress everybody with this amazing tuning kit. And now, if there are many tuners, Brabus prepared a tuning kit with exceptional technical details that can’t be competed.
The Germans mounted on new SL the most powerful engine they had, the one from Brabus Rocket. This is a V12 bi-turbo of 6.3 liters that produces 730 hp and with 5 speeds automatic gear box.
The Facelift accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 4 seconds, from 0 to 200 km/h in 10.5 seconds and the maximum speed is of 350 km/h.
The Brabus engineers also created a new suspension system and a new braking system. I’m really impressed. What do you think?

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Mercedes CLS video

I love this Mercedes CLS and I think this video is presenting what awesome car and what amazing rims have… I’m not very sure, but what do you think, 20 inches? Or 22? Who know, please tell me! Enjoy watching this video!

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Mercedes-Benz SLK by Rieger

Mercedes-Benz SLK continues in the legacy of smaller luxurious sport convertibles that started in 1954 with the model 190 SL (W121). I think you know this SL and it was very successful. Why not, it has not only unique design, but also handling far better then other cars in that age. 14.5 seconds to 100kmph was something unbelievable in that time for any car.
Rieger started with a front bumper. It’s connected with a front mask. Front maskTo change the whole look; Rieger changed the front hood too. Also the front mask isn’t divided to two parts, but it belongs to the front bumper.
Rieger offers more rims to choose. There are mostly chromed ones. Right these are great match for luxurious Mercedes cars.

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