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Volkswagen Golf Estate

Volkswagen Golf Estate

I think this is a very funny commercial at the Volkswagen Golf Estate. And, if we take in consideration what they are telling, we have to take big efforts to cover all the time its back. And I don’t think that only the back makes the difference!

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First official photos with new Volkswagen Golf!

Over several days VW will officially present the sixth generation of the Golf model. There will be a big surprise because too few official pictures have already started to circulate on the Internet.
The current generation Golf, the fifth, was a success for Volkswagen, as otherwise all previous generations. And no wonder, if we think that the Gulf is still “no.1” compact class, segment extremely popular and competitive today.
Golf model has been and is very popular, plus he drew a good reputation regarding reliability. However, the car has always been very rigid in terms of design. The Germans have not done any experiments. From generation to generation designs became ever more modern, but both.

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Volkswagen Golf Twin Drive

Volkswagen introduced a new hybrid technology that we see in a series.
Volkswagen introduced the concept Golf Twin Drive which wants to join the constructors that bet on hybrid propulsion, as a future technology.
The model presented by VW has the advantage that has an electric motor that can be downloaded from an outlet power. The electric power propeller provides a maximum of 82 HP and allows the car to reach a maximum speed of 120 km / h. Autonomy’s Golf Twin Drive is approximately 50 kilometers, only the electric motor. The value is very good, given that most roads in towns (and back from work – for example) do not exceed 50 kilometers, so it can reach the level at which car to go only with electric engine.
To prevent situations in which the engine remain without electric power, and VW has installed a conventional turbodiesel, 2 liters, which provides 122 HP, which automatically enters into operation when the batteries were downloaded, or when there is a need for a power record.

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New Golf GTI Pirelli after 25 years

The Volkswagen Golf GTI Pirelli is coming in our attention after 25 years of silence. The new model is based on GTI MkV platform and we can observe many improvements to the body and to its dynamics, being a powerful model.
The car is propelled by a 2 liter T-FSI engine that develops 230 hp (with 30 hp more than the series model). So, the engine is attached to a 6 speeds manual gear box. The car accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.8 seconds, with 0.4 seconds better than the standard model, and the top speed is higher, from 235 km/h to 245 km/h.
All its performances and the look make me really want one!

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I wish I’ve bought- Golf GTI 1.8 Campaign

golf-gti-18-campaign.jpg golf-gti-18-campaign_2.jpg golf-gti-18-campaign_4.jpg

Two days ago I’ve started to write you a little article regarding one car I wish I’ve bought. The series started with Lancia Delta Integrale, continued with Ford Mustang, and now is about Volkswagen Golf GTI 1.8 Campaign.

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VW: 95% in Wolfsburg

As you can observe in the presented graphic, in 2005 Volkswagen had 95.86% market share of all new cars in Wolfsburg, Germany. It is more than impressive, because the headquarter is located there. I know that you can say it is normal, but think about it: It is a very big percent!
Really funny is that the city was named “Golfsburg” because of the market introduction of the new Volkswagen Golf. Nice name!

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