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Range Rover Sport with Wing Doors

Arden a Range Rover tuning specialist has presented a new “wing door” feature to its Range Rover Sport model, to give its customers an “individualized customization”. The wing door system works by a “specialized door hinge unit that opens the original door first to the outside, then steadily glides it upwards and gently opens it completely. A gas spring supports the opening phase and reduces unnecessary strain to a minimum. The complete mechanism is individually customized made of high quality stainless steel.”
All these characteristics, looks amazing on a 22 (or maybe 23) inch wheels, which available for the Range Rover Sport, which complete its beauty. The price for the wing door modification is of € 19,635 in Germany.

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Fast Lane Daily News

A custom car was found in Mexico. It’s about the Chevy Oribitron.
Is Nissan taking new design direction? The car’s name is Mixim and it’s looking like somebody attacked it with a lance, it has wing doors and the interior is made of the latest generation products.
And Steve J. may be making his own VolkswagenVolkswagen Apple ICar. Interesting, huh?

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Mazda Ryuga Concept

Mazda Ryuga… a new model from Mazda. In Japanese, Ryuga means a delicate flower. This is the second concept realised by Mazda in only few weeks (after Nagare, exposed on LA Auto Salon). Like RX-8, which Ryuga looks very similar, by stile, this is a sport car with 4 places, places where you can get through 2 doors, which are opening up, the same like seagull wings (I guess that’s why they call these doors “gull-wing doors” :)). I’ve noticed the rims designs, with spokes that are in turned, like they are manipulated by a very big centrifugal action.

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World’s longest Ferrari

Wow, this is impressive: the longest Ferrari from the entire World!
Do you still need Frankfurt when you have this beauty on your door? Believe it or not, but this is the World’s 1st ever Ferrari stretch limousine. It is a 23 foot 360 Modena with 8 seats and biggest electric gull-wing doors ever seen.
It is used by Style Limousines from Manchester, which spent more than £ 200,000 to modify the 360 model.

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Honda Civic tuning

Lamborghini Style Doors gives you wings…

honda-civic-lsd.jpg honda-civic-lsd_4.jpg honda-civic-lsd_3.jpg honda-civic-lsd_2.jpg

Honda Civic tuning

This is available especially when you are a Honda Civic… 🙂 Even if Honda Civic is not an obedient car, the Lamborghini Style Doors team has dowered this beauty with them well-known car doors to be even more spectacular. In addition, they mounted Lexor rims from Oxigin and sport suspensions from KW. See more on

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The Rocketman mini Mini

It is all around the world. CAR Magazine has reported that Mini’s mini Mini also known as the Rocketman has been cancelled.

Double hinged doors, carbon fibre spats, suede leather and paper material used in the interior, emphasised tail-lights and pull-out drawer at the trunk for loading and holding personal items are just a few of the characteristics of this ingenious car.

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