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Wrecked Lamborghini

Great video collage with some wrecked Lamborghinis.

Wrecked Lamborghini

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The strangest crashes seen

Drive safely!

We all observed that the every day are more and more vehicles in the traffic, and we see all kind of accidents. I’ve seen that, even low speed accident can be a nightmare to observe, these kinds of crashes sometimes require weeks of wrangling with insurance companies, hire car companies, garages and everything.
Wrecked presents for you a lot of weird crash photos, so I thought that I have to present them for you. Watch them carefully and take care of your life!

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Top 10 Wrecked Police Cars

Everyday wee see crashed cars and many car accidents! Too many! But, when you see a police car that is wrecked, it is really very “interesting”! I’ve made a Top 10 with most interesting wrecked police cars, thanks to I hope you enjoy these pictures and I am waiting for more suggestions of your own!
No.1 Firs wrecked police car seems to be an optical illusion, because we think the rest of the car is still there.

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Wrecked Ferrari

Today I’m starting a new series about the most famous cars wrecked.
The series start with Ferrari. you will see in this article many pictures presenting a lot of Ferrari’s wrecked.
You can see Ferrari like: Enzo, 330 and many more. How do you feel when you see so many beauties transformed in pile of iron?
The series with wrecked cars will continue with cars like: Lamborghini, Ford, Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and many more. If you have some preferences, please feel free to inform us.

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Ferrari Enzo destroyed by a bus

When you say Ferrari Enzo, you say a super car, an ultra rare model. But, when you see this super car wrecked by a bus it’s awful.
I really don’t want to be in Frank Mountain’s (the owner) skin, although he is currently seeking a whopping £ 300,000 in damages from the bus company, claiming one of its bus driver was responsible.
This beautiful car was transported back to the Ferrari factory in Italy, Modena for repairs to its hi-tech carbon fiber bodywork. After the repair Ferrari Enzo will be the same super car?
ferrari-crush-1.jpg ferrari-crush-2.jpg ferrari-crush-3.jpg

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