Stars and their cars : Arnold Schwarzenegger

A story about Arnold’s cars…

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Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Hummer

Arnold Schwarzenegger or the Governor of California 🙂 is all the time associated with Hummer, an impressive USA car. First time when he decided to buy a Hummer was when he saw military jeep’s performances in 1991, in the first Gulf War. And that is the beginning of a beautiful “friendship” between Arnold and Hummer. He tried many times to convince AM General Motors, which is a part of General Motors to make a civilian version for military jeeps. And he convinced them to do that with Hummer H1. Later, General Motors presented H2. Having in consideration the friendship between Arnold and GM owner, he told him to make a model less environmentally uncompromising. And the result is a hydrogen powered version of Hummer H2. Thank you, Arnold for making a better world!

A story about Madonna’s cars…

A story about Wayne Rooney’s cars…

A story about David Beckham’s cars…

To be continued…

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