Stars and their cars : Madonna

A story about Madonna’s cars…


It’s time for me to present you Madonna’s cars. I’ve found out that since she was moving to London, in 2001 she had a big problem… where to park her cars. I think that is a big problem in every capital-city. Her fortune is estimated at £235 million and I think she can afford any car that she wants. Speaking about the parking problem, I must tell you that Madonna received over 50 tickets since she moved in London. 🙂 In her collection there are cars, like: Mini Cooper (“super doper”), a BMW 7 Series, an Audi A8 and a superb Maybach super limousine that costs almost £270,000. I would love to have her cars! Don’t you?

Stars and their cars: Madonna


Madonna’s Maybach


Madonna’s Audi A8


Madonna’s Mini Cooper


Madonna’s BMW 7 Series

A story about Wayne Rooney’s cars…

A story about David Beckham’s cars…

To be continued…

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