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Brabus engineers wanted to see how much speed can catch Maybach limo, on a performance scale.
So, the German tuner, Brabus started to like more and more speed records.

After a year ago took Brabus Rocket (made after Mercedes CLS) at 365.7 km/h, Brabus want to see the Maybach limo limits. So, the Germans mounted on Maybach 57 the bi-turbo SV12 engine, with 6.3 liter, and with 730 hp. The maximum torque is of 1,320 Nm and it is electronically limited at “just” 1,100 Nm, probably because the automatic 5 speed transmission must handle the situation.
On Nardo track, from Italy, the car reached 330.6 km/h, after they have put special rims and a module that made the base guard smaller with 15 mm.

Brabus were taken Maybach 57 one more time over 300 km/h, in 2005, when the car reached 314 km/h, but the V12 engine developed only 640 hp.

brabus-sv12-biturbo.jpg brabus-sv12-biturbo_2.jpg brabus-sv12-biturbo_3.jpg
Brabus SV12 Biturbo
brabus-sv12-biturbo_4.jpg brabus-sv12-biturbo_5.jpg brabus-sv12-biturbo_6.jpg
Brabus SV12 Biturbo
brabus-sv12-biturbo_7.jpg brabus-sv12-biturbo_8.jpg brabus-sv12-biturbo_9.jpg
Brabus SV12 Biturbo

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