The Frankfurt Motor Show Is Going To Host An Opel Battery Car Soon

At the Frankfurt Motor Show from next week, Opel wants to enchant the new generation by unveiing a two seat battery car, which wants to enchant especially the eco-friendly style followers.


This albeit with four wheels how the car is called looks more like an enclosed motorcycle and determined the manufacturer to declare that this car has “production potential” and would “create a new class of lightweight, zero-emissions electric vehicles in the UK and Europe”, which is in fact quite promising.

Obviously, there are some people who wonder who is in fact the target and who would be interested in owning such a car. Well, producers stated that “younger drivers and those on a very tight budget” would definitely want to own such a car. We can easily conclude that the car will not be extremply expensive, more since it is an eco-friendly one.


Unfortunately, the people from Opel have not made official some information, not even the name of the car, but it is rumoured that inspiration came from the new Opel Ampera plug-in electric vehicle which recently debuted in Europe.


This year, at the Frankfurt Motor Show many such cars are going to make visitors fall in love and want to buy one of them. It seems that these cars are quite fashionable.

It seems that Opel stated that the new car is going to have a 60-mile range between charges and could hit 75 mph, “making even the odd motorway trip feasible.” So we can really say “What a car!”.

Even if this year, at the Frankfurt Motor Show many electric microcars are going to appeal to visitors, our car has its characteristic features that are going to amaze people. The design is quite crazy and appealing, so many of us are going to want such a crazy car. You should consult the list of this year’s offerings at the Frankfurt Motor Show. You are definitely going to be amazed and in the same time impressed.





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