Top 10 of greatest-ever engines

Rover K-Series

Rover, for the first time was inspired by the motorbike engines. The first award winning was K-Series. The long-bolt design and the lightweight construction spanned everything form a 1.1. litre four pot to a 2.5 litre V6.

Top 10 of greatest-ever engines


Austin A-Series

Austin it made its name in the Mini, especially when comes for the Cooper versions. This A-Series car lasted for a half of a century, but certainly will be around for the next 50 years.


Rolls-Royce V8

The Rolls V8 is another oldie, but a golden one. They chose a twin-turbocharged version of the old engine, instead of a modern BMW V8.



This is a bespoke 6.1 litre V12 designed by the Motorsport division to go into the McLaren F1 super car. 621 bhp- this means in excess of 100 bhp per litre without a turbo, sound effects or electrifying performance.


Alfa Romeo boxer

This Alfa engine (dubbed boxer) is recognised as one of the most characterful ever made. The earlier version was praised for their glorious exhaust note.


Porsche flat six

The Porsche six has been around in many forms over the years. This car engine grew with the car, reaching 3.6 litres with the 1993 model year. An incredible soundtrack and superb performance.


Lamborghini V12

The Lamborghini V12 has a long history. Began in 3.5 litre, growing in size and output all the time. The latest Murcielago LP640 uses a 6.5 litre version delivering a 631 bhp at 8,000.


Chevrolet V8

The small block Chevy is the greatest engine from Chevrolet. Is not available in crate form, but 90 million have been produced since 1955 and that because of its simple but effective design and compact packaging.


Honda V-TEC

The creation of V-TEC was made because of Honda’s capacities of a large engine. Despite its complexity, Honda has not had any warranty claim for the system in 16 years of production.


Ford Cosworth

This car is based on the Pinto and the addition was created a late 20th Century icon. It was originally with 204 bhp, but it rose to 227 with the Cosworth. Not exactly a refined car, but powerful.


Top 10 of greatest-ever engines

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