Vauxhall Monaro VXR vs. Shelby Mustang GT500

This is well done if you want a good comparation! This comparation is between the new Vauxhall Monaro VXR 500 and Ford Shelby GT500.

Vauxhall Monaro VXR vs. Shelby Mustang GT500


Originally from Australia, the 328bhp Monaro coupé came in 2004 wearing Vauhxall badges and received a warm welcome. Hotter VXR versions followed in 2005 promises to be the Monaro’s finest hour: the VXR 500.



The Shelby GT500 faithfully pays homage to the 1966 GT500. Both its forebears were packing supercharged V8s, but neither could hope to come close to today’s 5.4-litre supercharged V8, which thumps out 506bhp.




Vauxhall Monaro VXR vs. Shelby Mustang GT500

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