Amazing Amphibious Platypus Jeep

If you want to buy an amphibious vehicle with assault potential but don’t want something as big as the DUKW, perhaps this custom Jeep will be perfect for you. Built by the folks at the Amphibious Vehicle Design Studio, the Platypus Jeep is a paragon of on-road and in-water capabilities.
The floating four-wheeler runs with a turbo diesel engine and is capable of 110 KPH on the road and 10.5 km/h in the water. The hull is designed to work in wave heights up to 1.5 meters and bottoms with a slight 0.75 meter draft depth. I can already see myself in one of these amazing car-boat. Do you like it?

Amphibious Platypus Jeep

Amphibious Platypus Jeep features:
1.Dimension (L x W x H) 4.830×1.900×2.150(m) (With the handle frame) Or 4.830×1.900×1.950(m) (Without the handle frame)
2. Complete Vehicle Kerb Mass 2100 kg
3. Wheel Space 2700 (mm)
4. Track 1520 (mm)
5. Maximum Speed (km/h)
– On Land 110
– On Water 10.5

amphibious-platypus-jeep_2.jpg amphibious-platypus-jeep_3.jpg amphibious-platypus-jeep_4.jpg
Amphibious Platypus Jeep

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