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General Motors gets offers for a concept car; a German tuner goes too far and Bond chooses is Aston Martin.
How much would you pay for a custom hot road built by General Motors? If we were talking about the CCR, of course the answer will be: “Serious dollar!”. But, were not. We are talking about the Efijy. It’s a retro team concept car built in 2005, by GM Australian division. Since then, the world super rich persons want to put their hands on this multi million dollar model. But Holdings are not selling the model any time soon. That’s why we suppose that the GM will build a limited line of Efijys, powered by a 6.0 liter supercharged version engine, producing 645 hp, and it will cost upper than 1 million dollars.
The German tuning Hamann firm is well known by turning cars in great models. They have done the same with the latest BMW 3 Series, which is called the Thunder, and for good reasons. Under the hood, it has a V10 engine from the M5, but with an extra 53 hp, getting to 560 hp. That enough to bring the Thunder from 0 to 60 mph in 4.3 seconds and on to a top speed of 208 mph.
Let’s face it; nothing says “Bond” like the classic Aston Martin DB5.
Much more news in this video from Fast Lane Daily.

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Flower Cab

Yes, you read the title more than well. It seems that this idea that seems like Woodstock 1969, not like New York 2007, but it is an idea that city is going ahead with.
Starting with yesterday, 12 September 2007 and finishing in December, New York yellow cabs will be hand painted with decorative flowers. Not less than 90% of the flowers were painted by children from New Jersey, Cleveland, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Los Angeles. It seems that all New York will be transformed in a big carnival.

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Frankfurt Autoshow 2007 Day 1

Here you can see the news from Frankfurt Motor Show, Day 1.
BMW ‘s X6 is unveiled, Mercedes sheds some details on the F700, the F430 Scuderia causes some major drama, and the Lamborghini Reventon blinds a few babies.

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2007 Frankfurt Motor Show information

Program and price for Frankfurt Motor Show

Trade days: 13-14 September 2007
Public days: 15-23 September 2007
Show hours: 9:00 – 19:00

Day Ticket
~ Weekend (Sept. 15-16 + Sept. 22-23, 2007) :€ 15,00
~ Workdays (Sept. 17 – 21, 2007) : € 13,00
~ Children (6 – 14), schoolchildren, students, military service/civilian, service people with official pass: € 7,50
~ Evening ticket € 8,00

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Fast Lane Daily Today News

Volvo revealed a brand new hybrid concept and Porsche has a little “heat” to the Cayenne. These are the news from Fast Lane Daily, for today.
The Volvo recharged is a plug-in hybrid concept car, which the company says it will travel with only 62 mph with the electric engine, only. Porsche heats up some Cayenne’s and some brand new Hybrids are on the way. volvo-electric-concept.JPG
Volvo Hybrid Concept

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Dangerous roads

These seems to be the most dangerous roads I’ve ever seen. I think nobody wants to travel on these streets.
Look at those two trucks, how hard is to pass one near each other. The roads are made only for one car and there is no protection. I couldn’t find out from where are these images coming, but if you know I’m waiting to know where I should never go!

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