Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Mercedes-Benz

One of the most interesting world premieres at the IAA 2007 was the C-Class Station Wagon, which will be out on the road very soon. In addition, Mercedes declare real environmental offensive with its 19 new models with eco-friendly drive systems.
Also, particular news is on fuel sale technology, and it is about the F-Cell.
The Electric Smart, without any co2 pollution in the city, just plug it into a wall-socket and the Smart small Hybrid Drive are two further solutions in the Mercedes line-up. In addition, Mercedes is full of surprises with the F700 study. The concept shows how to combine rare comfort with a high degree of eco-friendliness and great performance, with good fuel economy. This run on a “dis-gaso” engine, which is a combination between diesel and gasoline engine, and consumes 5.3 liter of gasoline for 100 km. At the show, the McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 driver, Louis Hammilton was present too.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2007- Mercedes-Benz

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