Loremo Super Efficient Car Prototype

Loremo impressed with this super efficient car prototype presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this year. I’ve write you before about Aptera, then about Tesla, and now it’s all about Loremo, amazing car, which has small consumption, of 2 liter per 100 km, or 120 miles with one gallon. Not only that it really looks outstanding, but it seems that it’s small consumption and viability attracted everybody’s eyes. Production is about to start in 2009 and make many of us to be impatient on waiting it!

Loremo Super Efficient Car Prototype
Loremo Super Efficient Car Prototype
loremo-super-efficient-car-prototype_2.jpg loremo-super-efficient-car-prototype_3.jpg loremo-super-efficient-car-prototype_4.jpg
Loremo Super Efficient Car Prototype

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  1. roland Said,

    July 7, 2008 @ 11:14 pm

    i loveit is it a fast car? it looks like it is and mayby it could be an exotic car!!!

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