New Mitsubishi hatchback

Mitsubishi wants to shock us with the new Lancer Sports Sedan which they will launch at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September. Until the saloon and Evo, Mitsubishi is verifying a hatchback model that will be joining the line-up.


We can say that it’s not quite new everything, because we all know that 2 years ago Mitsubishi presented the “concept sportback” at Frankfurt auto show. You can see some of the pictures in this article.

mitsubishi-hatchback.jpg mitsubishi-hatchback2.jpg mitsubishi-hatchback3.jpg

I know that for the new Lancer will be 2 petrol engines, a VW supplied diesel engine and a 2.0 litre turbo powering the range topping Evolution variant.
If a hatchback version of an Evo appears I’m sure that for Subaru will not be easy to retain dominance in the Japanese 4 wheel drive for the madly fast mid segment. We all know about the new 5 doors Subaru Impreza. But, in their fight with Mitsubishi, I think that this new hatchback will be the winner, in any circumstances.

mitsubishi-hatchback4.jpg mitsubishi-hatchback5.jpg mitsubishi-hatchback6.jpg

This new Mitsubishi Lancer will be on sale in 2008, for the beginning in sport Sedan and Evolution guises and the sportback will follow later. I didn’t hear any prices for this new model, but maybe it worth to wait! 🙂

mitsubishi-hatchback8.jpg mitsubishi-hatchback9.jpg mitsubishi-hatchback10.jpg

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