Peugeot 107

Shown at the Brussels Motor Show, Peugeot’s new 2012 107has been given a facelift that brings it in line with Peugeot’s new aesthetic. It seems that the new model is the first major change to the Franco-Japanese city triplets for the 107 that was jointly developed with Citroen and Toyota.

As far as the changes that the exterior has suffered, we can easily notice a tight-fitting look with a sculpted-out area of the bonnet with the combative lion badge. Retouched are also the grille and bumper graphics, while the nose has been fitted with LED day-running lights. The model is available as a three or five door.


As far as the engine is concerned, the 998cc triple has 68bhp and 70lb ft of torque and if pushed far enough, the driver can reach 62mph in just 14.2 seconds. The three-cylinder petrol engine has been adjusted to nudge emisisons under 100g/km by a single digit of CO2.


The model will be available in the UK from February the timing of which is perfect to compete with VW’s new Up and it will cost around £7, 995.

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