Prepare for Porsche 911 GT2

At Frankfurt Auto Show, which will take place in the second half of the year, the new Porsche 911 GT2 from Porsche 997 series will be presented.

New Porsche will have a much powerful engine, with 530 hp and because of its traction on two wheels, and because o its lighter body, it will be with 200 kg easier than the 911 Turbo. That means the car can get from 0 to 100 km/h in just 3.7 seconds, and the maximum speed will be over 320 km/h. Great job!

porsche-911-gt2.jpg porsche-911-gt2_2.jpg porsche-911-gt2_3.jpg porsche-911-gt2_4.jpg porsche-911-gt2_5.jpg porsche-911-gt2_6.jpg porsche-911-gt2_7.jpg porsche-911-gt2_8.jpg porsche-911-gt2_9.jpg porsche-911-gt2_10.jpg porsche-911-gt2_11.jpg porsche-911-gt2_12.jpg porsche-911-gt2_13.jpg porsche-911-gt2_14.jpg porsche-911-gt2_15.jpg

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