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Amphibian vehicle in series production

We all have been heard about amphibian vehicles, but, until now nothing was too serious. Well, not the situation is changing, because new models are coming on the market, constantly. But, none of the amphibian models have got in the production phase, until now.
The British Neil Jenkins and the New-Zealander Alan Gibbs have developed many years before an amphibian vehicle, called Aquada. After many financial difficulties, Aqada succeeded. It will come in production and will have a military version, which will be called Aquaski.
According to the two designers, the amphibian car cost over $100 million and over on million hours of work. Until they created it, Aquada was suffered many changes: the rollin’ train was redrawn and Rover, the engine’s supplier was into bankruptcy.

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Super Hydra Spyder

Hydra Spyder has a strange name and it is an amphibian car and with this car you can drive on the highway or on any lake!

Super Hydra Spyder


It is all made of aluminum and has a V8 engine from Corvette. The Americans want to make this car a full production.

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Car Destruction

Car Destruction in just 2 minutes. Poor car!

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Mark Martins race car

This is Mark Martins’s race car.

Mark Martins race car

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Strange Car Wreck

I’m really shocked!
How in the world this car got into such strange position??? In this situation, any other word is useless!
Tell me if you have the answer.

Strange Car Wreck

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Toys car

Someday, your kid comes to you and tell: “Daddy, I don’t like our car, anymore!”.

You, shocked (because you have an ultra modern model), say to him: “What’s wrong with our car, son?”.

Son: “Well, I don’t think it is exactly what I want from a car. You know, I’ve watch the new series of cartoons, and…”.

When you hear “Cartoons”, you know what’s next!

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