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Corvette Z06 (coupe 3-dr manual)

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This car has highly performances and I would love to take a ride with it! Don’t you?
Corvette Z06 (coupe 3-dr manual) specifications:
Price: £59,895
Engine: 7.0 L V8
Cc: 7,011
Maximum power kW: 377
Maximum power hp/PS: 512
Maximum torque Nm: 634
Transmission tupe: manual
Number of speeds: 6

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2007 Corvette Z06

Every Corvette, model Z06 has an LS7 aluminum-block V8. It has 505 hp and 470 lb.-ft of torque. The LS7 engine contains a litany of racing components (like: titanium valves, connecting rods, high-profile cam, etc.).

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2009 Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

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The Corvette Museum

The Corvette Museum
The location is Bowling Green Kentucky, where hundreds of Corvette’s owners gathered to celebrate the C5-C6 bash.Here the all new 2008 Corvette was unveiled to please the Corvette lovers.

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The one : Corvette Z06

Corvette Z06
For 2007, Ron Fellows the Corvette racing legend, thought to make a special Corvette model: The Z06.This new powerful and good looking Corvette will only be available in Arctic White paint and as a racing element the racing-style fender stripe.
Corvette Z06
corvette_3.jpg corvette_2.jpg
Corvette Z06
The interior will have red leather seats, red leather-covered armrest with a Corvette-signature “cross flags” logo that is hand-signed and numbered by Ron Fellows.This special edition of Corvette’s is limited to 399 cars each one with a price of 79.000$.
Corvette Z06
corvette_4.jpg corvette_1.jpg
Corvette Z06

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Chevrolet Corvette ZR1

The ZR1’s interior builds on the brand’s dual-cockpit heritage, with high-quality materials, craftsmanship and functionality that support the premium-quality experience promised by the car’s performance. The ZR1’s cabin differs from the Corvette and Corvette Z06 with the following:

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