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2003 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16v (cabriolet 2-dr manual)

Model: 2003 Fiat Barchetta 1.8 16v (cabriolet 2-dr manual)

Specification of this car:
Engine: 1.7 L in-line 4
Cc: 1,747
Maximum power kW: 96
Maximum power hp/PS: 130
Maximum torque Nm: 158
Transmission type: manual
Number of speeds: 5

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Top 5 cars from the future


1. Saab Sonett
2. Lamborghini Murcielago Superleggera
3. Fiat Barchetta
4. Alfa Junior
5. Mercedes AMG Supersport

1. Saab Sonett

saab-sonett.jpg saab-sonett_2.jpg saab-sonett_3.jpg

I know that you will be surprised with this model, because I’ve been about the production of sport models from Saab. But it seems that Saab will offer a sport car soon. The new Saab, which is anticipated resurrect the Sonett badge is expected to be based on the Pontiac Solstice platform. That means that Sonett will be a 2 seater open top sport car with a front engine and rear wheel drive

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Fiat Bravo news

fiat-bravo_2.jpg fiat-bravo.jpg fiat-bravo_3.jpg
Fiat Bravo 2007

is prepared for a big step: launching of new Bravo, that will be rival for the most important European segment. Its presentation will be on 29 of January, 2007, when we will find out if Italians had succeeded with their goals: beauty and viability. 5 doors model and 4.34 meters length will have many great motorised models, on gas or diesel, with powers between 90 and 150 hp. This compact car will show, also a new Fiat plate.
Fiat Bravo 2007

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Fiat 500 Abarth tests

At Nurburgring, Fiat is testing all waited 500 Abarth. Sport version of the model will be a real success.

fiat-500-abarth6.jpg fiat-500-abarth.jpg fiat-500-abarth2.jpg

The smaller engine will be of 1.4 liters and 120 hp, but the Italians already promised a propeller at 150 hp and one at 180 hp.
fiat-500-abarth4.jpg fiat-500-abarth5.jpg fiat-500-abarth3.jpg

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Fiat Linea news

fiat-linea_2.jpg fiat-linea.jpg fiat-linea_3.jpg fiat-linea_4.jpg
Fiat Linea
Linea is the new family berlin car, which the Italians presented at Auto Show in Istanbul, between 2 and 12 November, this year. Fiat Linea will be produced, for the beginning, in 60,000 pieces annually, at Tofas factory, from Bursa (Turkey), and later in other European countries. New Fiat Linea will have 4.56 meters length, 1.73 meters width, 1.50 meters height and a 500 litre capacity rear boot.
fiat-linea_5.jpg fiat-linea_7.jpg fiat-linea_6.jpg
Fiat Linea news

Tags: cars, car news, Fiat, Fiat Linea, Istanbul, Tofas, length, width, height, rear boot

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Fiat Minicar low cost

Fiat 500 wasn’t the only surprise prepared for the Italians. What will follow will be a very interesting for everybody! After the success with the new 500, Fiat intends to come as soon as possible with a minicar on the market. This time, Italians want to be rivals with the minicar low-cost models from Toyota and Renault.

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