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About Bentley Arnage

In this world full of new cars it is something delightfully refreshing about Bentley Arnage. I think this car offers a great satisfaction: 12 leather hides covering the interior, shiny wood veneers that you can use as a mirror. It is mated to a new six-speed automatic transmission. It has benefits for refinement and economy, too. You can find 2 new turbochargers from Mitsubishi, fuel consumption is improved (14.5 mpg combined consumption). With 500 bhp it’s getting to a 179 mph top speed.

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Bentley’s Arnage 2010 Model

The Bentley brand alread established the “game plan” in the search for the new Arnage model. This will bring changes to it’s long-lived and biggest saloon, which currently sells six hundred to eight hundred units yearly, changes that will bring all-new looks to it.

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Bentley announcement


Attention! May I have your attention please! All Bentley Arnage and Azure owners please come to the nearest dealer facility, because you may have a screw loose!
Yes, you heard very well… all is true! Bentley was recalling 550 of its luxury saloons, which cost over £200,000, to control their wheels, fearing that they are in danger of falling off.

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Bentley with 120g/km of CO2 by 2012

Bentley wants to reach 120g/km of CO2 by 2012. That’s why, in 2009 Bentley will introduce its 1st flex-fuel engine and by 2012 everything they produce will be capable of running on bio-fuels. The ultra-luxury British brand, which is owned by Volkswagen, intends to achieve at least a fifteen percent reduction in CO2 emissions by 2012.
New engine management systems and improved transmissions will cut around 15 percent from tailpipe emissions, which currently average 450g/km across the range.
Lower emissions and improved economy will be delivered while maintaining vehicle performance.
It is our conviction that renewable fuels, in particular second-generation biofuels, have strong potential,” said Dr. Paefgen.

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The new Bentley Azure 2007

Bentley Azure 2007
Bentley first unveiled the car at the Los Angeles Motor Show in spring 2006.Now the new Azure becomes the flagship of the Bentley model range.The engine is a twin-turbocharged V8 petrol engine which produces 450 bhp.The double-wishbone suspension and extremely rigid body structure of the Arnage provide a state-of-the-art basis for the new Azure.At the exterior a delicate chrome trim that runs the length of the car is present.
Bentley Azure 2007
azure06_05.jpg azure06_04.jpg azure06_01.jpg azure06_inter.jpg
Bentley Azure 2007
“We enjoy an excellent dialogue with our customers and the new Azure epitomizes how responsive Bentley is to satisfying their aspirations. Bentley develops and produces cars that people desire and that are faithful to our heritage. The new Azure is the perfect example of this philosophy” says Bentley Motors chairman, Dr. Franz-Josef Paefgen.

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Bentley Havana

Here you can see a picture with the latest Bentley car.

First official images you can see at Geneva Auto Show in 2007. The future “coupe”- Havana will have a 6,750 litre, V8 engine with 450 hp. Bentley Havana can get from 0 to 100 km/h in 6 seconds and has a maximum speed of 250 km/h.

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