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Outside driving

I have two options here:
1. This guy is crazy
2. This guy is crazy
Yes, you’ve got me right! He definitely is too crazy to do it! He drive a BMW outside it, and not only just driving, he is drifting! Unbelievable!

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BMW M3 Race Edition

There is a full list of the new BMW M3 Race Edition features.
Type: Eight cylinder, V-configuration
Capacity: 3999 cc
Bore x stroke: 92 x 75.2 mm/3.62 x 2.96 in.
Max. output: approx. 485 bhp
Max. torque: approx. 368 lb-ft/500 Nm
Cylinder block: Aluminum cylinder block construction with bed plate lower section
Crankshaft: Steel crankshaft
Pistons: Forged skirt pistons
Conrods: High-performance steel
Cylinder head: Aluminum DOHC (Double Over Head Camshaft); four valves per cylinder
Valve train: Four overhead chain-driven camshafts, valve actuation via rocker arms
Intake system: Eight throttle valves, made of CRP with load-charge optimized ram tubes
Exhaust system: Headers, mufflers
Fuel system: Single cylinder multi-point injection
Lubrication: Dry sump lubrication
Cooling: Water/air cooler and oil/water heat exchanger

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30 years and 300,000 BMW-M

The Bavarian mark celebrates 30 years and 300,000 models of famous department “M”. The story of success recorded by BMW M GmbH began with a limited range. In 1978, the company founded six years before BMW Motorsport GmbH, presented a model competition, with six-cylinder engine in line – located central – that would be used in newly founded ProCar competition. The machine – is the legendary model BMW M1 – was made in order to be original version of the series with 277 HP engine. Automobile with two seats, which have become a legend, was the fastest sports car series a German manufacturer. 445 BMW M1 units were produced until 1981, one of them being the Art Car project created by Andy Warhol.

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Audi Q5 tested in Austria

audi-q5.jpg audi-q5_2.jpg audi-q5_3.jpg

Audi Q5 is the answer to the X3 from BMW and for Mercedes GLK. This will be built at the Ingolstadt factory, in Germany. To make everything perfect, they have tested in Austria. For its production, Audi invested 300 mil Euros, which will keep 1,700 employees busy. Q5 is based on the same MPS (Modular Long Platform) inner structure, as the A5 and upcoming A4, and the production will start in 2008. Its platform make possible to offer any kind of engines, meaning that the new high efficient diesel engine will be offered, too. Maybe, they will be the 2.0 litre TDI and the 3.0 litre V6 TDI. It might be even the 4.2 litre V8 on the S-line version. All Q5s have an updated version of the Quattro all wheel drive system, with 6 speed manual gearbox, or with the new 7 speed DSG gearbox. I expect the Q5 to come equipped with adjustable air suspension, with hill descent control and without the 3d row of seats, but remaining a 5 seater.

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BMW a live legend – Part 2

First BMW produced in Berlin

BMW engineers developed a new body for the car, fully made-it by steel, also based on a small Rosengart car produced under license in France.


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Nissan GT-R and BMW M5 Reviewed by Chris Harris

Two totally different vehicles, the new 2012 BMW M5 and Nissan GT-R have been reviewd by Chris Harris. Even if the cars have been desgined for totally different purposes, it makes for excellent entertainment.

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