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Peugeot 908 V12

peugeot-908-v12_2.jpg peugeot-908-v12.jpg peugeot-908-v12_4.jpg
Peugeot 908 V12 was presented as a perfect rival for Audi R10. It’s “gifted” the same as its rival, with a V12 propeller, but nothing else looks like Audi R10. Unlike the other models presented at Le Mans, 908 V12 was covered with pavilion for the body strongness to rise. More of that, you know that a closed body is more efficient, speaking about the aerodynamics. Measuring 4.65 meters length and 2.0 meters width, this concept will be available with the same engine presented on 908 RC. This 700 hp engine and 1,200 Nm are great, especially because the engine has, also a particle filter, which in most of times decreases the power. Peugeot 908 V12’s debut will be in 2007, at the famous race from Le Mans, and also on Le Mans Series races. I can’t wait that moment!
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peugeot-908-v12_8.jpg peugeot-908-v12_engine.jpg peugeot-908-v12_7.jpg
Peugeot 908 V12

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What is a Tuning Chip?

I bet that you are wondering what means, how it made and what is the final result implanting a tuning chip! Well, I will try to resolve this enigma by this article.
Redoing the soft of the chip or chip tuning is almost the same thing, the difference consist of opening or not opening the computer. To redo the soft you don’t have to open the computer, the writing-reading operation is made by a socket connected between a laptop and the car computer. And than, a special soft rewrites the initial information from the fabric chip.
I will take for example a car with a 1.4 MPI engine.
The standard car, without any improvements (without a filter, without sport ejection), a 1.4 model with air conditioning, 75 hp, let’s say that is comfortable and spacious, too. That was just for fun! I made this model to look like a family model, not a sport one, with small consumption. We will make some changes to this model engine to improve its performances. What we need? For the beginning: a new tuning chip, a directed induction kit and a sport ejection, following a brand new set of agreeable rims with higher diameter, of 16” and an exterior kit.

The computer…

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Lorinser managed to improve the new Mercedes C-Class

Lorinser tuning team made the new C-CLASS to show its best qualities.The large air intakes in the fenders are the first to notice and allow the car to breath its performance and to look sporty.The contour of the entire car is defined by the technical lines of the side skirts.Another impresive element is the Lorinser front bumper and the chrome they used.
Lorinser managed to improve the new Mercedes C-Class
merc_21.jpg merc_11.jpg
Lorinser managed to improve the new Mercedes C-Class
The engine is using a power chip and its performance were well improved.the car is well balance between luxury and performance and the 19 inches wheels completes the cars look along with the lowering kit.

Tags: Lorinser, team, show, large, air, fenders, performance, luxury, power, look

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1999 Ford Mustang Cobra

With a completely new body style, the 1999 Cobra was amazing. It is for sure one amazing car!

this vehicle is supposed to appeal to those consumers who are in the market for the performance and style of a BMW or Porsche.

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Top 10 Cars for Ford Mondeo to Beat

The last Ford Mondeo is a great USA car and since it arrived were a lot of great remarks concerning it. But, let’s face it… is a big competition in this area. Ford wants to sell as many cars as it can do, in this world pressured by many interesting models. In competition with Ford Mondeo.

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Hyundai Tiburon 2007

Many consider Hyundai a begginer without experience in the sports cars segment. Nothing more true than this, they are just beginners, but in few years they will be expected to be one of the decent competitors.

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