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Amazing big car

These are the most funnier pictures with an amazing big car. What do you think about these 26 inch wheels?
amazing-big-car.jpg amazing-big-car_2.jpg
Amazing big car

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Viper Crash

This is an accident with a Viper, and the person in the car is absolutely perfect!
Can you imagine that?

Viper Crash

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Logan Tuning by TM Concept

I don’t know how many of you hear about the Romanian concept- Dacia, which collaborates with Renault. Logan is one Renault-Dacia model.
TM Concept, the Tarso Marques pilot company changed, by the request of Renault, the Logan, creating the Logan Tuning Prototype.

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Scottish Car of 800 HP!

The super-sport cars market will be enriching with a new model. It comes from Scotland and proposes 800 HP. Although this information is now quite vague, it seems that the Scottish car, produced by Dowdeswell and Hardie and only Falen, will enter in series production. And what production! The Scottish wants to produce only 4 copies, they will probably sell at an exorbitant price to cover the costs of investment and development.
The good part for collectors is that D & H Falen will be … extremely rare.
Scottish car of 800 HP! Vehicle which attracts attention by its very aggressive design (and optical blocks to remember the model Gallardo) has a V10 engine of 5.5 liters located central, company officials announced that he will deliver around 800-HP.
Equipment is made almost entirely of carbon fiber, so that the total weight is estimated at 1,000 kg.
The car will most likely be presented at the Auto Salon in Geneva next year.

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Superfast Terrain

Amazing super fast Terrain!

The tires seems to have extra deep tread, so they act like paddles on water and rough terrain like gravel. I think they can race this (or maybe they already did) against a jet-ski.

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What do u see?

Tell me what is wrong with this car???

And if I don’t ask to much, can you tell me what model is that? I’m to shocked to tell that.
6 wheels car

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