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LFA Tokyo Edition Expected To Be Launched

Lately it has been rumoured that this at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show, Lexus will be launching a special super LFA Tokyo edition, which is going to make a stir amongst clients. The manufacturer of this model, Toyota is also expected to work at  additional Lexus/Toyota performance cars, which are due to be revealed in a few years from now on.

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The New 2012 Lexus LFA -Gallery


The new 2012 LFA introduces Lexus to the exclusive sports car market. Even if the manufacturing of the new car will count only 500 models worldwide at a price of about $375,000 (approximately R2,9 million), Lexus is going to be extremely cautious to whom they sell the cars. Consequently, this car will definitely not be an easy to obtain one.

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2010, Lexus LF-A

Lexus tested the newest super car at the famed Nurburgring. The 2010 Lexus LF-A was being developed as a rival for Ferrari F430 and for other high strung sport cars. So, watch out, because Lexus LF-A which will be on the market in 2010, offers an amazing competition.
The car is about the same size as Ferrari F430 and is with two inches smaller than the Porsche 911, but it has about nine extra inches of wheelbase. Lexus LF-A was presented at Detroit auto show, in 2006 and it seems that will be a real success, although Lexus is running V8’s now, instead of V10’s. There is news mongering saying that the 500 plus hp V10 might instead be a twin turbo V8, based on the LS’ 5.0 liter engine. But, Lexus LF-A needs at least 600 hp and a top speed of about 200 mph to play in the ultra sport field. Don’t you think the same?
2010-lexus-lf-a-2.jpg 2010-lexus-lf-a-3.jpg 2010-lexus-lf-a-4.jpg 2010-lexus-lf-a-5.jpg 2010-lexus-lf-a-6.jpg 2010-lexus-lf-a-7.jpg

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Lexus IS-F review

The Germans have long dominated the V8 super saloon sector, and with 4-door and cabrio models of the new BMW M3 and the Mercedes C63 AMG landing next year this would seem set to continue. But here comes Lexus, presenting its newest model, the IS-F. The new model doesn’t look wild, with its Fast And The Furious body-kit and quirky, vertically stacked exhausts. With an 8-speed automatic gearbox, with a locking torque converter for faster shifting and a 5-litre 417bhp V8 engine it certainly has the firepower, too. Can it really surpass the M3 and C63? It looks good and is just what Lexus needs to inject some spark into the brand. Do you like it?

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Lexus SC430 (cabriolet 2-dr automatic)

Lexus SC430 is a folding metal-roofed roadster in the same vein as the Mercedes SL. The car has a 4.3 litre V8 powertrain, Cc: 4,293 and automatic transmission.

Lexus SC430 (cabriolet 2-dr automatic)

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Lexus prize for Wii tennis

A lot of you hear about Nintendo Wii, but have you ever heard about Lexus Wii? Well, you will find out more from this article.
Lexus is part of Andy Roddick’s team for U.S. Open Promo. That’s why is going to host a “Virtual Tennis Open” using the Nintendo Wii.
It is not a “real tourney”, it is a charity one, but the top winning prize is 1 year lease on a Lexus IS-F for the winner to keep and drive as much as he/she can! Great prize, isn’t it?
As Andy Roddick’s wish, the tourney will be in New York at Rockefeller Center, in September, this year and the money earned after this tourney will be for Andy Roddick Foundation.
Andy Roddick Foundation is made for neglected, abused and sick children.

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