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Great drifts

Just watch and enjoy amazing night skills in drifting!

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Tuning cars, 2007

In this short video you will see the most beautiful tuning cars presented in 2007. I love the music! Enjoy the video with loud speakers!

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Evolution of the F1 Car

The progression of the changes in shape of the Formula 1 racing car over time is now available in a video by Rufus Blacklock. From the 1950?s to present day, abstract versions of the cars are used to illustrate 60 years of evolution in 1 minute.

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Chris Harris drives the BAC Mono

The BAC Mono is a carbon-bodied piece of sculpture with the innards of a Formula 3 car. This has been taken on by Chris Harris.

The claimed curbweight is 540kg that gives 520bhp per tonne. The car packs a 2.3 litre Ford Duratec engine lavished with some of Cosworth’s fanciest internals.

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4 Meter

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How to remove dents

This video is presenting a very easy technique for removing dent on car. And if we believe what they say, it is “Very Very Very Easy!”
It seems that all you need is an hair dryer and an air duster. After you have these two elements you have to follow their instruction. Watch and learn!

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