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Porsche 911 GTR RS

Porsche 911 GTR RS was launched in October, this year on European market. The car has 3.6 litre engine and 415 hp at 7,600 rpm. Porsche 911 GTR RS gets from 0 to 62 mph in 4.2 seconds. The propeller is coupled at a 6 speeds manual transmission gear box. See more details on

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Porsche 911 History

Very impressive video, presenting the history of Porsche 911. I didn’t lived the beginning period (I’m to young for that), but watching this video makes me live in that period.
Even with the first model, born in ’70’s Porsche had a great success and, until today it succeeded to make a lot of fans.

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Aston Martin history

Aston Martin history
It all started in 1913 when two cycling buddies decied to go into buisness together.Their names were Lionel Martin and Robert Bamford.In 1914 the two decided to start to build there own vehicles and Aston Martin was born.
Soon after the first Aston Martin rolled out of the garage he first world war started and the company shuttered up for the duration.Count Louis Zborowski helped with cash to bring the company on the car market after the war ended.
Aston Martin history
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Aston Martin history
During WW II Aston Martin was assigned to making tooling and spare parts for aircraft joysticks.During this period Claude Hill, continued work on a sports saloon – the Atom.This sport car was the one to board Aston Martin back to it’s intended path.

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Torture test

When it comes to horsepower, either put up or shut up. Watch the video and see which engine will be history and which one will make history.
This is the sickest torture test I’ve ever seen. Poor car! In new extreme torture test, Castrol SYNTEC 5W-30 maintained maximum horsepower 29% longer than the leading conventional 5W-30 oil.

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Evolution of the F1 Car

The progression of the changes in shape of the Formula 1 racing car over time is now available in a video by Rufus Blacklock. From the 1950?s to present day, abstract versions of the cars are used to illustrate 60 years of evolution in 1 minute.

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The Most Expensive Car

I bet that not once you’ve wondered which one is the most expensive car in history. So, I thought that I should bring you this article, in which I’m about to present you the features of the most expensive car in the history.
It is a Bugatti, as many of you might expect, but not Veyron. It is the Bugatti Type 41, better known as the Royale, is one of the most extreme luxury cars ever built. It was enormous, with a 4300 mm (169.3 in) wheelbase and 6.4 m (21 ft) overall length. It weighed approximately 3175 kg (7000 lb) and used a massive 12.7 L (12763 cc/778 in³) straight-8.
The Royale has become legendary in 1991, when Tom Monaghan, founder of Domino’s Pizza, sold his Royale for US$8,000,000, which was actually less than the £5.7 million he purchased it for.

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