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My tuning car

I hope you are not upset about the title. Is not really my car, but I would love this to be my car.
I would feel a lot of joy driving it on the European roads. I’m not sure if this car is very powerful (I don’t think it is), but it doesn’t matter, because it got the look!
And that’s enough for me to feel proud when driving it!

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Chrysler 300 C tuning

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Engine tuning is the process by which we made adjustment or modification of the internal combustion engine to obtain the optimal performance. In this way, an engine’s durability, economy, work output may be increased.

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9-X BioHybrid the Best Concept

Saab presented the Best Concept at Geneva Auto Show, concept called 9-X BioHybrid. Maybe Saab is a discreet presence on automobile market, but the Swedish have great plans. The Swedish constructor wants to produce a series model and they have received a great distinction that will motivate Saab producer.
The 9-X BioHybrid Concept presented at Geneva Auto Show was appreciated as the best concept during this event. The 9-X BioHybrid Concept received the prize, not only for its great design but also for the technology on board. The concept has a 1.4 liter turbo that produce 200 hp and 200 Nm and can be used with E85 fuel, too; and it also has an electrical engine that can help at higher speeds. When the engine is fueled with normal gas, the car consumes around 4.9 l at 100 km and if it uses E85 fuel, the medium consumption is of 6.4 l at 100 km, but with lower CO2 emissions.
I can wait for the series model that will certainly compete with Audi A3 BMW 1 Series and even with Volvo C30.

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Photoshop tuning

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Top 5 cars from the future


1. Saab Sonett
2. Lamborghini Murcielago Superleggera
3. Fiat Barchetta
4. Alfa Junior
5. Mercedes AMG Supersport

1. Saab Sonett

saab-sonett.jpg saab-sonett_2.jpg saab-sonett_3.jpg

I know that you will be surprised with this model, because I’ve been about the production of sport models from Saab. But it seems that Saab will offer a sport car soon. The new Saab, which is anticipated resurrect the Sonett badge is expected to be based on the Pontiac Solstice platform. That means that Sonett will be a 2 seater open top sport car with a front engine and rear wheel drive

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