Toyota Japan Importing Cars From Thailand

The yen’s rising rate against the dollar must be combated in one way or another and for this reason, Thailand may soon become a source of import for Toyota Japan. This seems to be an excellent plan since Japanese car manufacturers usually import cars from countries such as Thailand because the production costs here are much lower and in this way the companies pay less for manufacturing, saving great amounts of money.


Due to the strong yen, Japanse producers find it easier nowadays to import the cars, rather than manufacturing them and it is clearly the right path to follow. Also, we all remember the earthquake that damaged Toyota this year; they are still trying to get back on track. Toyota seems to focus on the sub-compact models because their popularity increases more and more in the country, but rumours about compact models imported from Thailand have also been heard.


The small four- and five-door model with 1.2- and 1.5-litre engine options, the Toyota Etios represents one model that Toyota is considering to import in the future; the model is produced in India by Toyota itself. The Toyota executive vice president and board member, Yukitoshi Funo has recently spoken about the model Toyota wants to import saying that:

“It will be a car similar to the Etios in size as we are trying to be aggressive in vehicles of that size globally.”

Obviously, Toyota is considering to import from foreigner countries also various components and vehicle parts, that are going to be cheaper and also help to supportToyota’s plan of creating an earthquake-proof production process. We just have to wait and see for ourselves!


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