True Face of Ferrari

True Face of Ferrari

Italian sports car maker Ferrari and its mother company, Chanel is suing a Danish undertaker for $ 50,000, for making a customized urn in the shape of a Ferrari. The urn was made for a 14 year old boy, who died of cancer in 2004. Ferrari Denmark went along with the idea, and even supplied stickers with the Ferrari logo to put on it. The only people who ever saw the urn was the undertaker, the boy’s family and Ferrari Denmark.
Still, Ferrari and Chanel claim that their copyright was infringed, and the urn was marketed by the undertaker. The urn was briefly mentioned in an interview on Danish TV, but no pictures were shown. The undertaker sued does not understand it, and the family of the 14 year old boy, who died of cancer, is naturally very sad. For more details, watch the whole video.

True Face of Ferrari

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