Warranty Direct Survey-Honda

According to a recent survey conducted by Warranty Direct, In the UK, it seems that Honda responsible for making vehicles that are the most pothole proof and therefore less susceptible to any damage that may be caused by potholes on the roads.

Judging by the results of this survey, only 1.4 percent of Honda owners submit a warranty claim fore repairing damage caused by potholes. On the other hand, 12.2 percent of Chrysler owners submit claims alongside luxury car makers Land Rover, BMW,Mercedes Benz and Jaguar also finding themselves the least pothole resilient. The second place is occupied by Smart.


The more economical brands of car manufacturers, Toyota, Hyundai, Kia and Nissan, all fare well against rough surfaces on the roads. This is why most luxury vehicles are fitted with low-profile tyres but expensive wheels that can easily bend or break while the above vehicles mentioned have more substantial sidewalls and sturdy steel wheels.


Most resilient brands:
1. Honda
2. Toyota
3. Hyundai
4. Nissan
5. Kia
6. Mitsubishi
7. Mini
8. Suzuki
9. Ford
10. Mazda

Least resilient brands:
1. Chrysler
2. Smart
3. Mercedes-Benz
4. Land Rover
5. Jaguar
6. Saab
7. Fiat
8. BMW
9. Seat
10. Vauxhall


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