BMW 3 Series Cabrio by Hamann

The German tuning company, Hamann created a tuning packager for the 3 Series Cabrio model from BMW.

For the available engines are obtained by optimization of the ECU maps, the next raises:
– for 320i: +10 hp, +10 Nm, 233 km/h;
– for 325i: +13 hp, +25 Nm, 250 km/h;
– for 330i: +17 hp, +25 Nm, 265 km/h;
– for 335i: +37 hp, 279 km/h;
– for 330d: 272 hp, 600 Nm, 256 km/h.


BMW 3 Series Cabrio by Hamann

To the engine changes, they added a new bodykit, rims with dimensions between 18 and 20”, sport suspension which helps lower the base guard with 35 mm in the front and with 20 mm in the back and many other interior tuning elements.

bmw-3-series-cabrio-by-hamann_2.jpg bmw-3-series-cabrio-by-hamann_3.jpg bmw-3-series-cabrio-by-hamann_4.jpg bmw-3-series-cabrio-by-hamann_5.jpg bmw-3-series-cabrio-by-hamann_6.jpg bmw-3-series-cabrio-by-hamann_7.jpg
BMW 3 Series Cabrio by Hamann

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