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Saab 9-4 will be built in Mexico

The future compact crossover Saab will be built at Ramos factory, in Mexico, next to a similar Cadillac, which will be called BRX. In this moment, the car’s developing is hurried by the Swedish, because it must get on the market with the new wave with crossovers and small SUVs, from rival companies.
This 9-4x and the BRX will be produced on two technical platforms: Epsilon 2 and Theta. The decision to get them produced in Mexico was taken by Saab, because they want to increase sales on this mark in SUA.
This time, the most difficult mission for Saab will be to make the difference between two twins products, because they didn’t succeeded with to models: 9-2x and 9-7x, a Subaru Impreza WRX and a Chevrolet Trailblazer, with other faces and other marks.

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News from Tesla Motors

Tesla Motors announced, last week that they will have another delay in delivering its all-electric sport car. They’ve made a letter to customers and the CEO, Michael Marks said that Tesla Roadster (I’ve presented you in a previous article) will now come in 2008. In the beginning they’ve announced that Tesla Roadster will be on the market this summer, and then they’ve said it will come this fall, and now…
I believe in electric car’s future and I really think that they will be a big success, although not many people afford a $100,000 electric sports car.

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Daily News

Here you can find what is happening in motor sport world: the UAW finally settles, Fernando Alonso leaves McLaren, the Alfa Romeo 8C drops its top and the new BMW M3 was catch with some spy photos.

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Daily news

Lotus is preparing for a new limited edition model, is the Lotus Exige S Club Racer. Lotus says that only 25 pieces will be build, powered by a supercharged inter-cooled 1.8 liter, producing 280 hp. The limited edition model will only be available in the UK and it won’t come cheap.
It seems that Ferrari have some announcement to make. Everybody is expecting the new Ferrari that will come to Detroit Auto Show, next year, and it is not about the Dino. It is called the 430 GT California. It seems it will come with a 4.3 liter direct injection engine, producing 450 hp. It seems it is a lightweight model with many horsepower.

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Murcielago Reventon Farbio GTS

This is a story of a rich guy who wanted a lot to own a Ferrari Enzo. The problem was that Ferrari wouldn’t want to sell him one, and the rich guy wasn’t happy and he thought to build a car that will blow out Enzo from the road. It is about the Farbio GTS, which is producing 384 hp and sprint from 0 to 60 mph in just 3.9 seconds.

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Mercedes with BMW engines

Everybody knows that BMW is producing the most powerful and performing engines from the entire world, and to salute this performance, the concurrent mark director, Dieter Zetsche declared that the Mercedes mark is open to a eventual collaboration with the Bavarians from the BMW. Zesche declared that Mercedes could collaborate with BMW if they will get to consent, financially speaking, and if they will build a viable strategy for both marks. In an interview realized by Der Spiegel, Zetsche told that the same collaboration is happening between Porsche and Volkswagen. The model named is the successful SUV, Cayenne, which is building starting from the VW Touareg and it is using engines produced by Volkswagen.
According to a report, Daimler is in some discussion with big car marks, but for now there is no final decision.

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