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Porsche Cayman tuning

porsche-cayman-strosek_3.jpg porsche-cayman-strosek_2.jpg porsche-cayman-strosek.jpg
Porsche Cayman tuning
Porsche Cayman can be customized with a little help from Strosek, that offers an aerodynamic kit, sport springs, which make the car smaller with 35 mm, entire suspension being adjusted after some tests on Nurburgring circuit. Characteristics: 19 or 20 inch rims, a performance kit that includes . The result is a 25 hp plus from the series version, the car getting to a 320 hp performance. See more on

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Ultima GTR record

ultima-gtr_2.jpg ultima-gtr.jpg ultima-gtr_3.jpg
Ultima GTR model has established a great record on acceleration/deceleration test, 0-160-0 km/h. Driven by Ultima’s manager, Richard Marlow, the car was establishing a 9.4 seconds time for 0-160-0 km/h test, with 1.5 seconds better than Ferrari Enzo. Not using traction control and ABS, Ultima GTR, which has a V8 Chevrolet engine, with 720 hp has obtained a 2.6 seconds time to get from 0 to 96 km/h and 5.3 seconds to get from 0 to 160 km/h and brakes from 160 km/h in just 3.6 seconds. All the information you need on
ultima-gtr_4.jpg ultima-gtr_5.jpg ultima-gtr_6.jpg
ultima-gtr_7.jpg ultima-gtr_8.jpg ultima-gtr_9.jpg
Ultima GTR record

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Opel Astra GTC Steinmetz

opel-astra-gtc-steinmetz_4.jpg opel-astra-gtc-steinmetz_5.jpg opel-astra-gtc-steinmetz_3.jpg
Opel Astra GTC Steinmetz is a LPG concept. The most important change is a complete sequential LPG installation. From 240 hp has get 260 hp, now. The transmission was getting an improvement made by the company (Opel) in collaboration with Drexler Motorsport and developed also an aerodynamic kit. See more details on
opel-astra-gtc-steinmetz_2.JPG opel-astra-gtc-steinmetz.jpg opel-astra-gtc-steinmetz_6.jpg
Type: Inline-4, Turbocharged
Displacement Cc: 1,998
Power hp: 260
Torque Nm at rpm: 302 at 4,400
Length: 167.3 in
Width: 68.4 in
Height: 54.8 in
Top speed: 148 mph.
opel-astra-gtc-steinmetz_9.jpg opel-astra-gtc-steinmetz_8.jpg opel-astra-gtc-steinmetz_7.jpg
Opel Astra GTC Steinmetz

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Hummer H2 – Geiger Ranger

geiger-ranger_2.jpg geiger-ranger_3.jpg geiger-ranger_4.jpg geiger-ranger.jpg
Hummer H2 – Geiger Ranger

Let’s say that an American Sheriff has choose to catch the offenders in a Hummer H2, but, being unhappy of its performances, he tried to find someone to modify this car and to improve it. He sent the car in Europe, at Geiger Cars in Germany. The V8 engine was improved at 7.0 litres and with a small mechanical compressor it develops 700 hp and a maximum torque of 904 Nm. The 4 speeds gear box was modified and the retardation system, too. Even with its 3.1 tones, Hummer H2 7.0 Kompressor accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.5 seconds and has a 250 km/h top speed. All details on

Tags: cars, Hummer, Hummer H2, Geiger Cars, car news, car tuning, car service, hp, Nm, torque, gear box, top speed

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Lotus news

lotus-elise_3.jpg lotus-elise_2.jpg lotus-elise_7.jpg
Lotus prepared a standard version of Elise, a cheaper one. Practically, it was prepared a 1.8 litres and 134 hp Toyota engine, but the exterior is the same. New Elise S accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h in 6.3 seconds and has a top speed of 205 km/h. Not that bad, for a cheap car, don’t you think? Information on
lotus-elise.jpg lotus-elise_5.jpg lotus-elise_4.jpg
lotus-elise_6.jpg lotus-elise_8.jpg lotus-elise_9.jpg
lotus-elise_10.jpg lotus-elise_11.jpg lotus-elise_12.jpg
lotus-elise_13.jpg lotus-elise_14.jpg lotus-elise_15.jpg
lotus-elise_16.jpg lotus-elise_17.jpg lotus-elise_18.jpg
lotus-elise_19.jpg lotus-elise_20.jpg lotus-elise_21.jpg
Lotus Elise

Tags: cars, Lotus, Lotus Elise, Lotus Elise S, hp, Toyota, cars engines, car news, top speed

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VW Eos tuning

vw-eos_je-desing_3.jpg vw-eos_je-desing_2.jpg vw-eos_je-desing.jpg
Is not to long after it’s appearing, and Volkswagen Eos already has an esthetical kit from Je Design. They increased the TDI, 2.0 litres at 176 hp and the TFSI propeller, 2.0 litres at 244 hp. Je Design team promised for the near future a compressor for V6. More details on
vw-eos_je-desing_5.jpg vw-eos_je-desing_4.jpg

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