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Ford Fusion Funkmaster

Relevance Score: 5.422    2006-10-19 21:36:22

Duratec 24V V6, 6-Speed Automatic Transmission this is only the "non-interesting" part of this "beauty"!You can convince yourself by seeing these pictures!Beautiful Ford Fusion Funkmaster Beautiful Ford Fusion Funkmaster [tags]car,car engines, ford, ford fusion, ford vehicles, ford motor co, ford com, tuning, car pictures, car tunning[/tags]

PGO Cevennes- beautiful pictures

Relevance Score: 5.395    2006-11-02 16:34:31

Cevennes is another retro roadster designed by PGO. Like the Speedster II, Cevennes is powered by mid transverse mounted 2 liter, 4 cylinder engine, 4 valves per cylinder and 138 hp. PGO Cevennes- beautiful pictures ...

Car Tuning Show 2007 Pictures

Relevance Score: 5.079    2007-03-31 13:08:47

This is a short preview from a Car Tuning Show which takes place in Bucharest, Romania. Cool tuned cars and nice girls near by. [tags]car tuning, tuned cars, tuning show, car tuning show, tuned show, car pictures, tuned car pictures, pictures, car tuning photography, tuned cars photos, modified ...

Motorcycles and Girls at Accessories and Motor Show

Relevance Score: 4.181    2008-04-21 19:23:01

If you like motorcycles and beautiful girls you have to make time to come to the Accessories and Motor Show in Bucharest, first motor show organized this year. It is not only about the motorcycles, because you can also admire ATV’s and snowmobiles. On this show many models and brands can ...

The first Photo of Audi A5

Relevance Score: 4.109    2007-02-20 23:08:35

This is the first official photo of the brand new Audi A5 coupe. The new Audi A5 is the first car based on the new corporate platform from Audi, which promises better handling and a better ride than any of the previous Audi platforms. The name of the new Audi ...

Car Crashes

Relevance Score: 4.010    2007-10-17 12:33:34

Here you can see some interesting car crashes. Many of these pictures I have to tell that there are "impossible"! Just watch all this video and tell me your opinion. Car Crashes [tags]cars,car accidents,car videos,crashes,pictures[/tags]

Lamborghini tattoo

Relevance Score: 3.817    2007-10-02 10:05:16

This is one impressive tattoo made for this beautiful Lamborghini. Enjoy the pictures and take lessons how your Lamborghini should look to attract people’s eyes. Lamborghini tattoo Lamborghini tattoo ...

2008 Audi TT coupe

Relevance Score: 3.735    2007-06-26 19:04:19

I don’t know what I should tell you about this beautiful Audi!?! Really, I don’t know with what to start and with what to finish, because for this beauty it’s enough only to see the pictures. So, I better let the pictures to speak! Characteristics: Body styles: 2-Dr Coupe; 2-Dr Roadster Convert. Transmission: ...


Relevance Score: 3.690    2007-09-07 15:22:06

I know that everywhere you can read about car accidents and how you can avoid them, but seeing these pictures makes me think twice before I start pressing the acceleration pedal and the most important thing is to wear the seat belt. The seat belt can save your life. The pictures ...

Ferrari California - The newest Italians supercar

Relevance Score: 3.666    2008-06-26 22:01:29

A new set of pictures of California, the CC's from Ferrari. After Ferrari presented the technical details of the model California, Italians were quite tight with pictures. Fortunately, the Germans from AutoBild have succeeded to take picture of the newest creation of the Italian manufacturer. So we admire California model ...

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