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Ford Focus Cabriolet at 2008 Geneva Auto Show

Relevance Score: 12.775    2008-03-11 21:24:51

Ford Focus Cabriolet Ford presented at 2008 Geneva Auto Show the new Focus model, which will be named “Focus Cabriolet”. Geneva Auto Show 2008 is the first auto show this year and it’s presented concepts, hybrids, sport models and many more. Ford Focus was present with its new coupe ...

Ford Focus RS - more than 1,000 orders in the UK

Relevance Score: 11.096    2008-09-16 19:50:56

Although Ford has not announced detailed specifications of the new Focus RS and has not mentioned anything about prices, the sports fans in WRC, in the UK, have already placed more than 1,000 orders for the new model, which will be on the market at the beginning of the future ...

Ford Focus RS of 300 CP

Relevance Score: 10.512    2008-07-07 18:45:37

Ford introduced the first pictures and information about Focus RS, most sports Focus model range. Looking forward by all fans, the new Focus RS was officially presented before the onset Auto Fair from London. After more spy pictures after a "preview" the official car on the Nurburgring circuit, the Focus RS ...

Ford Focus 2012

Relevance Score: 10.238    2012-09-25 19:53:28

It is widely known that one of Ford’s most popular and enduring models has become the biggest selling car in the world this year. But many of you cannot really find the reasons. To start with, the imposing appearance of the front grille and bonnet, through to the slick bodywork and ...

Ford Focus Rally Car

Relevance Score: 9.335    2007-03-24 17:15:44

Ford Focus Rally Car The 2007 Focus Rally car is just an improved version of the last yaer model with minor modyfications.Ford of Europe officially unveiled the all-new Ford Focus RS World Rally Car 06 at the 2005 Bologna Motor Show in Italy.The car is based on its less powerfull and ...

New Ford Focus C-Max 2006

Relevance Score: 8.988    2006-11-01 17:34:54

The best Ford Focus C-Max in 2006: Engine: 2.0 L in line4 Cc: 1,998 Fuel type: diesel Maximum power kW: 100 Maximum power hp/PS: 136 Maximum torque Nm: 340 New Ford Focus C-Max 2006 New Ford Focus C-Max has supported some changes and only the front lights and grille expected to get a new and fresh look. ...

Rouch gives Ford Mustang GT500, 700 Horsepower

Relevance Score: 8.817    2006-10-25 00:23:00

Roush, the popular tuner for Ford, brings to our attention 3 new kits for the Mustang GT500. The first tuning kit, and the weaker one, gives the Mustang about 45 more horsepower with the aid of the Cold Air kit. The middle kit, a 2.3 liter one, adds 120 horsepower and ...

First picture with the new Ford Ka

Relevance Score: 7.886    2008-08-05 20:42:39

First generation of Ka model was a small revolution in design time. Perfect forms combined with carefully drawn body attract any attention, and Ford had pulsed then with the first generation of Focus, drawn in the same way. Small Ka, promoted as a car extremely useful in the cities, but ...

Ford Mustang by Giugiaro

Relevance Score: 7.679    2007-09-25 12:29:32

Ford Mustang had received some impressive visual bodywork changes from Giugiaro. Amazing changes are made to the interior, too. It is custom made by Giugiaro to represent the traditional values we all know that Ford Mustang have. Ford Mustang by Giugiaro [tags]cars,Ford,Ford Mustang,Giugiaro,car tuning,bodywork,interior,traditional values[/tags]

Ford Mustang tuning video

Relevance Score: 7.642    2006-11-19 21:47:58

I love this video presenting this tuned Ford Mustang. It pulls out some interesting smoke from its capote. I've never seen somethink like that. Look at the way he starts! This is amazing, don’t you think? Ford Mustang tuning video Ford Mustang tuning video [tags]cars,Ford,Ford Mustang,car tuning,cars engines,old cars,car videos[/tags]

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