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Impressive Porsche Drawing

Relevance Score: 7.566    2007-09-04 09:35:55

After we have seen in a previous article amazing drawing of Ford Shelby GT500, now we have to watch at the impressive drawing of a Porsche. In the end we have an incredible perfect picture of Porsche and its logo/sign. Impressive Porsche Drawing [tags]cars,drawing,car videos,Porsche,Ford Shelby GT 500[/tags]

Porsche Panamera- spy shots

Relevance Score: 5.602    2007-08-06 15:13:47

Porsche is for everyone a multi waited car… it doesn’t matter the time, the cost, the moment! Panamera is one model in development which will be officially presented at 2009 Geneva Motor Show. So, until its presentation, Porsche can do a great job with the Panamera. The new model follows ...

Prepare for Porsche 911 GT2

Relevance Score: 5.532    2007-07-12 14:25:03

At Frankfurt Auto Show, which will take place in the second half of the year, the new Porsche 911 GT2 from Porsche 997 series will be presented. New Porsche will have a much powerful engine, with 530 hp and because of its traction on two wheels, and because o its ...

Porsche 911 History

Relevance Score: 5.445    2007-08-31 11:58:50

Very impressive video, presenting the history of Porsche 911. I didn't lived the beginning period (I'm to young for that), but watching this video makes me live in that period. Even with the first model, born in '70's Porsche had a great success and, until today it succeeded to make a ...

New Porsche 911 GT3 Cup

Relevance Score: 5.440    2007-12-04 14:35:37

Porsche presented the race car that will race in 2008 in Porsche’s competitions. New 911 GT3 Cup will be produced in 265 pieces and will start in competitions reserved for Porsche: Porsche Mobil 1 Supercup, Porsche Carrera Cup and GT3 Cup Challenge. The 3.6 liter engine develops 420 hp (more with 20 ...

Porsche Cayman tuning

Relevance Score: 5.257    2006-12-07 15:14:19

Porsche Cayman tuning Porsche Cayman can be customized with a little help from Strosek, that offers an aerodynamic kit, sport springs, which make the car smaller with 35 mm, entire suspension being adjusted after ...

2008 Porsche 9ff GT9

Relevance Score: 5.233    2008-04-02 13:27:47

Porsche it is and it always will be a fast and furious car. Radical evolution of the Porsche 911 promises to knock the Bugatti Veyron from its perch. Fatthauer has a long and great reputation tuning Porsche 911s up to 1,000 bhp, but this is the only purpose-built car and weighs ...

New Porsche Cayenne Turbo S with 550 hp

Relevance Score: 5.192    2008-04-23 21:29:46

Porsche presented the strongest Cayenne at Beijing Auto Show. New Cayenne Turbo S, the facelift version was presented now, a long time after the latest Cayenne, and it seems that will be a great car. The previous version, Turbo S has 520 hp, but the new model offers more: 550 ...

2008, Porsche Cayenne Turbo

Relevance Score: 5.181    2007-07-25 18:30:27

Expect the new 2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo, an aggressive styling supported by 500 horsepower. Characteristics: *Engine: Twin Turbo V8 *Displacement cc: 4,806 *Power bhp (kW) at rpm: 500 (368) / 6,000 *Torque lb/ft (Nm) at rpm: 516 (700) / 2,250-4,500 *Brakes F/R: ABS, vented disc/vented disc *Tires F/R: 255/55 R18 *Driveline: All wheel drive *Length x Width x ...

Porsche Panamera overview

Relevance Score: 5.157    2006-11-30 16:16:57

Porsche announced by its chairman, Wendelin Wiedeking that the company will launch a new model name Panamera. This new model will be the fourth model line to its existing products: Boxster/Cayman, Cayenne and 911. Porsche will ...

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