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Lotus Exige S

Relevance Score: 10.025    2008-04-08 19:10:44

Lotus Exige S was presented at World SuperCar Korea Tour. This is a very beautiful car with amazing power that is displaying a total of twenty world class super-cars, including Pagandi Zonda F, Ferrari Enzo and even Koenigsegg CCR. The World Super Car Korea Tour with Kim Jung Man was at ...

Fast Lane Daily News

Relevance Score: 6.828    2007-08-29 19:00:22

Today's news about Lotus Exige S240 Wiesmann GT and Aston Martin. Enjoy watching the video. It seems that the Lotus Exige Sport 240 is released in Australia and some new Aston Martin slim design concepts are about to appear. Fast Lane Daily News [tags]cars,Fast Lane Daily,car news,car videos,Lotus Exige,Aston Martin[/tags]

Lotus Exige GT3

Relevance Score: 6.529    2007-03-29 20:47:49

Lotus Exige GT3 Lotus has recently unveiled the Lotus Exige GT3 concept road vehicle at the Geneva Motor Show.The engine developes around 270 bhp from 1.8 liter.“The Exige GT3 concept road car is a fantastic showcase product from our race car performance division, Lotus Sport. The car’s racing background becomes immediately ...

My tuning car

Relevance Score: 6.036    2007-09-27 11:46:05

I hope you are not upset about the title. Is not really my car, but I would love this to be my car. I would feel a lot of joy driving it on the European roads. I’m not sure if this car is very powerful (I don’t think it is), but ...

Lotus Sport Exige Cup

Relevance Score: 5.989    2007-03-29 21:09:01

Lotus Sport Exige Cup This track car from Lotus is full with adrenaline and has a power from 243 BHP to 252 BHP. Lotus Sport Exige Cup It was first unveiled at the 2006 Los Angeles International Auto Show.The engine is a supercharged 1.8 petrol engine.Lightweight materials were used to create the body ...

Chrysler 300 C tuning

Relevance Score: 5.953    2006-11-25 19:52:13

Chrysler 300 C tuning Chrysler 300 C with a Hemi propeller of 6.1 litre now has 556 hp at 5,200 rpm and 679 Nm at 4,800 rpm tuning from Geiger (www.geigercars.de). Chrysler 300 C gets from 0 to 100 km/h in 4.7 seconds and has a 300 km/h top ...


Relevance Score: 5.446    2012-09-18 17:40:32

Engine tuning is the process by which we made adjustment or modification of the internal combustion engine to obtain the optimal performance. In this way, an engine’s durability, economy, work output may be increased. Engine tuning depends mainly on the engine size & the tuning that was done initially at the ...

Photoshop tuning

Relevance Score: 5.351    2007-08-23 10:28:33

Great tuning cars made in Photoshop! Amazing transforming! Cars in Photoshop [tags]cars,Photoshop,car tuning,tuning,transforming,car videos[/tags]

Car Tuning Show 2007 Pictures

Relevance Score: 4.857    2007-03-31 13:08:47

This is a short preview from a Car Tuning Show which takes place in Bucharest, Romania. Cool tuned cars and nice girls near by. [tags]car tuning, tuned cars, tuning show, car tuning show, tuned show, car pictures, tuned car pictures, pictures, car tuning photography, tuned cars photos, modified ...

Cars collage

Relevance Score: 4.824    2007-09-01 09:33:49

Great collage with tuning cars. Tuning Cars collage [tags]cars,car tuning,car videos[/tags]

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